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Kamini Khare
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Kamini Khare


Los Angeles NRI Speaks UP
Farmers of India Jindabad
The Whole country is with you.......... Kamini


Los Angeles, Dec 10, 2020
Kamini Khare

Prime minister of Luna land and silent voters are with farmers. Dear farmers, go fight for your legal right and now destiny of Indian people is in your hand. The Whole country is with you

  • Kisan Bills were not debated or discussed in the parliament and it was passed by noise vote.
  • Vow what kind of democracy our honorable Prime minister Modi is preaching to young generation of India. 
    We as NRIs, would like to tell the Govt. of India that farming is not the business, it is way of life and land is for them Dharti Ma. 
  • Generation after generation Farmers has been providing food to every Indian. Grain is in surplus. Food is one area where India is self-sufficient and all the credit and honor goes to all the farmers and their families in India.

 Dear farmers I am impressed to see your planning and commitment for this peaceful demonstration against black farming law.

  • New Delhi is capital of India and we all have constitutional right to hold the peace full demonstration at Jantar Mantar and Ram leela ground.
  • Democracy is defined best way:
  • Democratic Government is of the people by the people for the people and whenever Govt. undermines their constitutional duties and start working for their suited booted friends then we all have right to break all grids of power to defend our rights and freedom.
  • Our freedom is priceless.

Fellow citizens:

  • Just remember scarifies of Bhagat Singh whose life was freedom and death were freedom.
  • Remember Subhash Chandra Bose, Mahatma Gandhi, Pandit Nehru Moulana Ajaad, Vinoba Bhave, Sardar Patel and many more who gave their life for freedom.
  • Many years of their life they spent in jail.

 Honorable prime Minister Modi Ji and all your cabinet minister and law makers, sir we must remind you that all the power you are enjoying is because India’s freedome.

  • India has constitution and we are all citizen of free country.
  • We have right to question and protest against any law which undermines the interest of farmers, labors and poor citizen of India.

I hate to write that our law makers are like a parrot sitting in closed cage and speak yes on the command nothing less nothing more so I do not see any better law coming from parliament on farmers issue. 

  • Please first repeal your farm bill and let farmers re write the bill to protect all the farmers with guarantee of minimum selling price for all farm produce .
  • Govt. can add the clause modify the language and each party should be given the copy of bill to study and get experts opinion so all parties can debate the bill with their full conscious that they are passing the bill for best interest of farmers of India.
 Long live farmers!
Bharat Mata ki Jai