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UFICA celebrated India's 69th Independence Day

NRI May Sue Actress Raveena Tandon for Defaming Him

India Media Share The Most Ridiculous And Unbelievable Stories From Actress Raveena Tandon who attended Independence Day celebration in LA 

NRIs’s Call Raveena to Apologize for Tweets



Aug 17, 2015: Raveena Tandon alleged in a tweet: 

  • Drunk man misbehaves with Raveena Tandon at I-Day event in US

           PTI, Los Angeles,Aug 17, 2015 11:30 IST

Raveena Tandon, who was in the US to perform at an event celebrating India's Independence Day, had to face the misbehaviour of one of the organisers. The star alleged in a tweet that the man was drunk and there was no security to step in and control him. 

The actor added that the man was one of the organisers of the event at Los Angeles and he was upset that his children didn't get to travel with her in the car. He started shouting nasty comments till she asked some people to control him.  "In LA after two glorious days, of spending the Independence Day celebrations- sadly a bad ending. All was going well. Till a drunk got on stage. Some chap... started misbehaving, and padding comments, sadly all security was down and couldn't get to him first. (He) was one of the organisers and was upset that his kids didn't get to travel in my car with me to the event, which security and protocol didn't allow. Started making nasty remarks till I had to yell out to the others to get some other guys up... And that's when they took him away! But yes I did give him a piece of my mind too.. That's no way to talk to anyone- when I didn't even know what he was upset about...," she wrote.

The actor, who featured in the short film Jai Hind that pays homage to the freedom fighters, also shared that she had met "such nice people. But this guy spoilt the whole evening. And the event went off amazing too".……..HindustanTimes


Raveena's Coverup Falling Apart 

  1. Two young girls who suppose to sit in LIMO with Raveena Tandon, refused  few hours before  the event  that Tandon wanted to ride alone. Kids do not belongs to Agnihotri as she describe in tweets
  2. Raveena was showing celebrity tantrum and abusive attitude to the management
  3. Raveena came 1.5 to 2 hours late in both events day
  4. Neeraj Agnihotri, on behalf of the organization told her it was not right what she did and she did not perform per contract. She immediately got very abusive calling him son of a b...etc. and started to throw her metal base purse on him

Los Angeles, Aug. 18, 2015
NRIpress-Club/LA Report

 Raveena Tandon, an Indian actress got contract with United Federation of Indo Americans in California (UFICA) to be the Grand Marshall for the  UFICA-FIA India Independence Day celebration on Saturday August 15, 2015 at Artesia Park, Artesia City (35 miles from Los Angeles), California.

“In the past 10 years, UFICA Team  had invited Amisha Patel, Celina Jaitley, Gulshan Grover, Mahima Chaudhry, Mallika Sherawat, Minisha Lamba, Neha Dhupia, Priyanka Chopra, and Upen Patel were amazing ambassadors of India and the Indian film industry,” wrote UFICA management to NRIpress. “ They were loved by the public and we can still remember the great times we spent with them.”

“UFICA paid her or her agent  $20,000 for her appearance  of 2 hours each day on the stage to meet and greet NRI business community and encourage children to perform their dances on the stage, “ according to the president of UFICA.

Raveena Tandon’s contract  was clearly describe that  she must appear in time for two days: Look this official contract Copy, we received from UFICA:

According to UFICA management, Raveena Tandon came late in both events as shown here:

  • Aug 14, 2015- She came  around 9,25 and left after one hour
  • Aug 15, 2015: She came 9.20pm and  our closing time was 10.00pm  by City orders (some people say 9.00pm)



August 14, 2015: Dinner with Businessmen, Entrepreneurs and Community Leaders:

Dr. Vinod Vaneet, Ex-President of UFICA and Senior Member

“On Friday August 14, Miss Tandon came 1.5 hour late, almost she spent one hour for taking photos, flag hoisting cermonies, lamp lighting etc. Without telling us, she went outside and ready to leave for the day,” said Dr. Vinod Vaneet, a senior member of UFICA.“ I, with my few  team people follow her and requested her to come back to stage where our children like to show their dances who prepared for her but she did not bother and ignored us. When I repeated my request again and again, she became very upset.”  In return, Interestingly, she said to other guy who was with her, “Dr. Vinod Vaneet must say sorry to her unless she would not come next day show.”

Dr. Vinod Vaneet said, “ I was really upset with her behavior  but I ignored her because I felt our two month’s hard work  will be wasted.”

August 15. 2015:

Independence Day Celebration at Park where more than 60 Booth arranged to bring NRI community together:


“Mr. Niraj Agnihotri is the EX-PRESIDENT of UFICA with a background in Business Administration and currently very successful in his Real Estate endeavor, “ Management of UFICA wrote.

After finsh the event 10pm, Neeraj Agnihotri, on behalf of the organization, told her it was not right what she did and she did not perform per contract.  (see below photo) She immediately got very abusive calling him son of a b...etc. 

Raveena Tandon became so mad—LOOK her ANGER

Even Security persons are forcing her to Go in Car....but she never stop yelling ...see in right photo.


                            READ COVERUP STORIES

  • Defamation is not a crime, but it is a "tort" . A person who has been defamed can sue the person who did the defaming. people should not ruin others' lives by telling lies about them; but on the other hand, people should be able to speak freely without fear of litigation over every insult, disagreement, or mistake. NRIs Must Bring Change …….NRIpress-Club

AJ Dudheker, VP of  AVEX:Refusing to shake hands with the organizers, even the female members, and refusing to give them the decency of a nod and a smile was definitely just the beginning of her shenanigans,” AJ Dudheker told NRIpress.  “She was rude to the kids who were coming to pick her up for the event. After kids boarded the limo, she told them to get out because she wanted to ride alone. On her Twitter page, she stated that children were not allowed in her limo because of "security protocol." In our conversation with her, she mentioned a slew of other reasons for not allowing the kids, none of which were related to the security protocol. Clearly, she had having a difficult time keeping her fabricated stories straight.”

Ravinder Singh, who was audience in the event, told NRIpress: “ This is unacceptable and unethical for actress, not to come in time at 8pm. We were ready to go home around 9.20pm and just saw her on stage for shaking hands with some people. Jan Gan Man-National Anthem, US Anthem and  other ritual ceremonies started with small photo sessions. Later she spoke with unprepared boring speech. Now it is around 10pm, time to finish, a gentleman/organizer started some conversation with her. She suddenly started running for mike and running one corner to another corner of the stage and yelling to organizers, said Ravinder. “ Then we saw her going towards one car with security people- she was yelling all the time. She was forced to go inside the car with security force and she came out the car again and yelling back. Security people requested her to leave  ASAP. Time was little over 10pm. I like to request organizers, if these kind of artists don’t follow rule and regulation of the contract, they should go to the court for damage. THIS IS A USA, not India that take 10-15 years for decision any case. IT WILL BE GREAT LEASON TO OTHER ARTISTS TOO. We respect them and they should respect our time and values. “

Ishwar Deedwania, FIA Senior Representative:  Ishwar is very gentleman, hard worker, and responsible person for all the events. He respect the laws of this country and clearly mentioned in his statement to NRIpress, “ Niraj Agnihotri did nothing wrong except he told her that coming late in our both shows, we loose our reputation and it does not looks good for a star as model to our kids.  After hearing this, she suppose to say sorry  to organizers.. This is surprised me that why she started yelling and big mouth talk. This is not acceptable for all our management team and I hope she should apologize as soon as possible

Ramesh Mahajan, President FIA:  “I think we did mistake, she should be arrested and paid lot of money to these hungry unwanted actresses in India” Ramesh told NRIpress. “If she was arrested, this would give a message to other people.” These people must learn manners and respect others. We paid cash $ to her with contract and our team member Niraj Agnihotri  had the right to ask her- why she was late and  did not allow 2 young school girls to sit im our LIMO, as we offered  her. When she became mad on stage, I think, we did great thing, not to provide her LIMO to go home. This is a great lesson for her.

Vinita Vineet, Vice President of Cultural Committee: “ The horrifyingly hilarious story of a desperate actress who comes from India to  celebrate Independence Day on Saturday August 15, 2015 with a handsome payment to make her happy. After landing US, she behave us as 2nd class citizens. Both days she came late,“ said Vinita on telephone to our senior representative of NRIpress. “ We agreed to pay her hair stylist bill  but not for her clothing or dress she have to wear on our functions. She ordered and our president and her family had to go to help her shopping where she lived with friends 3o miles away.  She is users, abusers, difficult, insensitive, irrational, selfish, manipulative, or arrogant and our association members became the victims of a brutal attack on us.” 

I also witness that she throw a steel  belted purse on Niraj Agnihotri when he asked her question like this: “ Why you disrespect our NRI children and  did not allow in LIMO  at last moment and also came late in both shows.” She was so mad on him and called him ….Son…o…B” and third class poor  citizen. According to our respected NRIs who are watching all this said, “please tell police behalf of organizer that she should be arrested.”  I ignored and felt that this was all happened due to her temper and ego.

ALKA PATEL: President of UFICA:  Alka Patel, a Civil Engineer and owner of few businesses, has been elected President of  UFICA, 2015.

Alka Patel was not happy, the way contract was not performed and as a president, she said,  “I hard work for the past 2 months with my team. If contract was performed properly, it should not happened, We paid $20,000 to signed a contract two hours each day. Now our management has decided to take some action  for the benefit of NRI community.”


Raveena Tandon did not allow the two minor girls  to sit in the LIMO:

On Friday’s program, UFICA’s management  agreed with Manager of Tandon that Rajesh’s two daughters 20 and 13 years old and Alaka Patel’s son 19, will be in Limo with Raveena Tandon  to proceed from Hotel to the Saturday Function  on Aug.15 . Previously, they agreed that  two members of UFICA will travel with Raveen Tandon but Tandon did not like this idea and Manager then agreed with 3 young kids to travel.

On Saturday,  Rajesh’s two daughters were dropped in Manager’s Hotel. Raveena Tandon’s manager said, “Raveena like to travel alone and then she allowed one person only, the son of Alaka Patel to travel in the LIMO.”  The Manager dropped the girl in the park and left to bring Raveena where she was staying with friends.

The issue of  the girls became a firewall issue in the management and difficult to digest. 


CONCLUSION: Will be added  soon by NRIpress-Club team