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FIA-sc and UFICA celebrate India Independence Day

Artesia. Aug. 03, 2013
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FIA and UFICA had the India’s Consul General as the chief guest and an Indian actress to attract the unprecedented crowd to celebrate India Independence Day on the same day (August 03) from 5pm to 11pm , about two miles away from the other event ( FIA).

“This year was exceptionally good as far as crowds were concerned but there was a little downside, that we did not get as many booths as last year,” said Kewal Kanda.

  • "One thing is very clear, the crowds were uncontrollable and hell bent on hooliglism as soon as this year's Marshal of the Parade, Bollywood actor, Priyanka Chopra stepped on the stage," said Col. Sohi.
  • Surprisingly, the LA county's Sheriffs and the security personnel did nothing to control the crowd which had almost surrounded the stage. As soon as she departed, the people numbering about 8-10,000 also vanished leaving behind only a couple hundred or so spectators.
  • The crowd of 1000, mostly young school or university students had almost surrounded the stage and more than 100 people on the stage were enjoying the flagship event celebrations and clicking photos.
  • Thousands of attendees including those standing or sitting on chairs could not see anything and started to leave.


  • “There was absolute failure of security,” said Rajinder Dhunna, ex-President of FIA-SC., member of program committee. “ We loose India celebration spirit by children and parents when the crowds started to leave soon after Priyanka Chopra left the stage.”
  • “I am involved in associations for the past 25 years and was very disappointed because of some people have ego problems and interested in photos only,” said Anil Mahajan, a realtor, ex-journalist and member of the organization. “ I have always been interested to do one program and in the past I helped to bring FIA and UFICA together when I was President of UFICA. We had more booths, more cash flow and best programs when no movie star were coming 5-6 years ago”
  • “If I will be a president of association in coming years then I will bring all associations together and do as one event,” said V. Gopalan of team member of FIA. “Never allow scuffle or grab mike on the stage and help them to keep ego one side.

Priyanka Chopra:


Despite this function being organized by a non profit organization, Priyanka Chopra charged ($big amount) for her two-three hour or so appearance. Also she did not perform or entertain the audience in any manner......READ






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