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Our Open meeting on Gopio After Inder Singh

GOPIO’s President Block Election by Court Orders
GOPIO’s President Speak Up Along with other Chapter Members

-- GOPIO's Failure in Financial Statement Disclosure
-- No Latest Correct Version of the GOPIO Constitution Available
-- No List of GOPIO members, their status, and details.

Los Angeles, Sep 19, 2020
/Ramesh/ A.Gary Singh

Inder Singh founder of Gopio died last year on September 27, 2019. Since then, we have heard nothing much about Gopio. I (A Gary Singh NRI) had known Inder Singh as a friend since 2006. We used to talk to each other maybe twice a months. He used to write all the time about things like the Gadar party, education programs and also get  involved in IALA, FIA/NFIA, and Gopio. He needed my help to promote his mission. We differed all the time. I(A Gary Singh NRI) told him that it is wrong for 5-6 men to control an association without transparency. He was a hard worker, down to earth, would listen to you very carefully but did things his way in life,. As a whole, he worked 24 x 7 for almost 50 years and gave community associations to the NRIs.



When you help a community through associations for good cause, you must involve other people and let them decide who can do a better job and you must sit behind as a founder. I Gary Singh told Inder Singh all the time since 2006, he listened to me and assured me but never followed through.

On Aug 30, 2020, one person from Paris, Mr. Mehan Poinoosawmyn called me (Agary Singh) and requested me (AGary Singh) to help him. he said, “Please help me to relay information about me that I am a candidate for president of Gopio on Sep. 02, election. He also started to send his BIO along with Photos with Modi on WhatsApp.”“We (A Gary Singh) have no interest in any association because of their politics and irregularity. We (A Gary Singh) are always interested in promoting good people and Associations if there is no wrongdoing, “ Said Agary Singh of NRI.

On Sep.10, 2020 some Gopio member as founder added my (Agary Singh's) name in WhatsApp:

· Current 7-10 Members or Officials from different countries (especially from the USA) started sending messages to each other, write legal or illegals bylaws violations to each other, and other stuff, even warning to Media. I (Agary Singh) was surprised and immediately wrote back to remove his name out from WhatApp communications.

· Under my (A GarySingh's) request, my name had been taken out.

Interestingly, before August 30, 2020, I (Agary Singh) dId not know Mr. Suny, Dr.Sai, Mr. Mehn, Mr. Gurbachan Singh, or Mini Guleria:

· We (A Gary Singh NRI) openly invited all people, who believe in freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, the right to assembly, and the right to petition

· We(A Gary Singh NRI) requested few people who claim themselves as in management and Gopio election Administrators. We had a busy schedule on zoom invitation on Sep. 16 and promised on line to reschedule others presence

we (A Gary Singh NRI) have no interest to hurt anybody, our mission speaks up for itself since 1995:

  • Helping India, helping seniors, NRI youths, and Needy NRIs
  • Promote Good Entrepreneurs, and have Helped more than 75 Associations with thousands of photos. In 2019, small memberships started to share expenses of the operation.
Freedom of the press is part of freedom of expression. We simply exercise every NRI citizen’s right to free speech, human rights, and provide NRI news, information, ideas, comments, and opinions and hold those in authority to account.




2019: As the President of GOPIO, his tireless efforts in forming various GOPIO chapters including those in London, Bangalore and Kochi culminated in organizing the successful jamboree of PIOs. When Sunny Kulathakal first came to the Gulf in 1977, he was already an established media professional and was on deputation to do an assignment for a leading publication of the time, The Illustrated Weekly of India. Sunny is also an accomplished author. His Malayalam work on the vices that grip modern society.Sunny who had set an amazing record in networking in an era sans computers.

With the last GOPIO team ending its term in Bahrain, a new team was elected by an online vote before the convention. Over 70% of the delegates participated in the election. During the convention, Sunny Kulathakal, an Indian from the Middle East was sworn in as the Global President of the organization for the two-year term of 2018-2019. It is the first time in the history of three-decade old GOPIO that an Indian from a country outside the US & Europe was given this position. Kulathakal has been actively involved with GOPIO for more than a decade. He served the Organization as Middle East Co-Coordinator, Executive Vice President & Global Ambassador.....Coming soon Full Bio, under NRI Entreoreneurs.

Mini Guleria


Since the 70’s in India, I have been actively involved in the Rotary helping with charitable projects as needed. In 1976 Anchor with Door Darshan the only TV channel in India at that time.
1982 Official Journalist for the Asian Games 82 or ASIAD. I had a column in Hindustan Times and toured the Middle East representing Asian Games. Guest of the Indian Consulates in many Middle East countries. 1983 Moved to Dubai UAE with my family. My first JOB ever in 1984 was to launch AVON of USA in Dubai. Enjoyed tremendous press coverage. They wrote, “She takes housewives and turns them into marketing tigresses”. 1985 Marketing Manager Asian community for the largest 7star hotel “Jebel Ali Hotel” . 1987 Manager Gulf News, an English Daily, was in charge of bringing out special supplements and advertising dollars from the highest caliber of government entities, corporations, hotels and airlines – with great success. 1990 I have been an integral part of the American Corporate world since then.Life member of many International Business Organizations. 

Amrit Bhandari ---CLICK VIDEO

Amrit G Bhandari is a licensed real estate salesperson in the city of Santa Ana, California.

Amrit G Bhandari has real estate license number 00815294 which was issued by California Real Estate Department on 03 October, 2017. The current status of license is Licensed (Active) and it is valid till 02 October, 2021. The official mailing address of Amrit G Bhandari is Po Box 10981, Santa Ana, California, 92711.

Dr Sai Giridhar--- CLICK VIDEO

Dr Sai Giridhar Nalamaru is based in the Kingdom of Bahrain. He began his career as a dental surgeon in a charitable hospital in Whitefield, Bangalore. He practiced medicine at Sagar Apollo Hospital, an Apollo and Sagar Group Joint venture in Jayanagar, Bangalore. GOPIO members in large numbers cutting across every continent have raised their voice against its leadership and the election process for the following reasons:-) The minutes of the Varanasi GBM held on January 20, 2019 was manipulated by the Chairman and the Secretary in an ingenious manner. The Secretary has admitted that he did not record the minutes of the Varanasi GBM citing personal reasons. It appears that it was an alibi to setup scope to manipulate the minutes and avoid ratifying the actual GBM decisions. This is where the voices questioning the leadership and the sequence of events started....Read 

Harbachan Singh --CLICK VIDEO
Mr. Harbachan Singh (GOPIO Life Member).....Read

Harry Shad-------CLICK VIDEO
I Harry Shad has been an ordinary/founding member of GOPIO-LA since it's origination in May,2014. Noticed a few irregularities  since November 2019 from Mr. Kewal Kanda. Accordingly requested him to kindly clarify the same since then. Most unfortunately  Mr. Kewal Kanda has been totally evasive  and repeatedly failing to satisfy with supportings documents etc.etc.thru today besides the emails from him below which are self explanatory.....Read

Mehan Poinoosawmy---CLICK VIDEO

Mr. Mehen POINOOSAWMY - Current Position: GOPIO International Coordinator Europe Life Member of GOPIO International.

Employment: CAPGEMINI FRANCE... CAPGEMINI is the biggest French IT company which has created more than 125 000 jobs in several cities of India.Position/Title: IT ENGINEER - PROJECT LEADER
Conducted IT projects for different French International companies: EDF – Electricité de France, ACCOR, ELIS, GALERIE LAFAYETTE, TOTAL, L’OREAL, MICHELIN, JOHNSON & JOHNSON, CHANEL, & RENAULT....Read