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Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
April 25, 2015

FAMILY, FASHIONS, AND FUN were on exuberant display on a sunny Saturday Indiana morning: to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer research. Military Park looked like a Punjabi Mela: crowds, refreshments, music and festivities, dancing and fun, color and pageantry, and an all-inspiring contagious spirit bathed in a sea of pink on display and carrying you with it. There were survivors and cheerleaders, children and celebrities, mascots and supporters. Much like the past, the 24th Race for Cure was another fashion parade, a statement of community solidarity, and a family affair: multi-generational and multicultural enthusiastic crowd in their thousands from across the communities in Indiana, a riotous creative fun in joyful pink.  It has been a blessing for me to participate in Indy’s “Race for the Cure” for the past several years.

Susan G. Komen is a national organization dedicated to research and eradication of breast cancer, one of the most deadly diseases that claims millions of lives each year in America and around the world. Breast cancer has an international impact: affecting 1 in 8 women in the USA in their lifetime; early detection and research has improved the survival rates to go from 70% in early 1980’s to 99% today, according to Susan G. Komen organization. Cancer is a growing menace to human life and happiness across the world.

There were tears of losses and expressions of love on the "Wall of Hope," and especially-created fields of memories and prayers, joys and hugs of hope and miracles that welcomed and celebrated the one to 60 year survivors of this terrible disease of breast cancer as they passed through the arches of pink balloons to the noise of cow-bells by well-wishers and led by a band playing robustly joyous music.

This was a spectacle of families and community working together to conquer a disease that robs millions across this world, and Indianapolis was up front and center in this battle to discover answers, to build and restore hope for those threatened and victims of this deadly disease. I was proud to witness this mass of humanity saying with one heart and spirit; with their dance steps, pink walking shoes and imaginative pink crowns: impossible of a few years is possible today and may be a history tomorrow, and we have no intention to give up these gains when the adversary of health and happiness (cancer) is on the run and the long-awaited triumph is within sight. This was love, labor, and determination at work. Thank you Susan G. Komen for your vision, for showing us the way of engaging in this battle and making a valiant effort to reach the destination of a happy, healthy, and cancer-free world. ...... Indianapolis, Indiana USA  <>  <> April 19, 2015