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We see God as an Immaculate Reality, Eternal Truth as something of an omnipresence that carries a hallo of awe, mystery, and unimagined power that is beyond description, measure, and dimensions as we know or understand them. This inherent knowledge, divinely-inspired memory and passion seeking a spiritual connection with the Spirit within and all around, has been part of human yearning and prayer from the earliest beginnings of time and life. Our search for this Eternal Truth, affirmed by much testimony and evidence throughout the history of human civilization, has introduced us to many spiritual philosophies, interpretations, and revelations. Much like the ever-expanding, unfathomable universe, human spirituality has an aura of awesome mystery, growing fascination for all living beings, and continuous evolution and illumination. Different faiths seem to affirm similar images and understanding about the Supreme Nature and Spirit of the Divine and yet offer new Light and distinct perspectives.


It is in learning and sharing our faith highlights: philosophy, commandments, traditions, history, culture, and practice with others that we discover many common ideas about matters of spirit that thread through diverse faiths and sacred traditions.

We see similar temporal concerns and preoccupation with the realm of the Divine. We see amazing, familiar, and defining echoes and images reflected in other faiths: in faith traditions, revelations, spiritual doctrines, sacred texts, ceremonies, and prayer. We see some elements of unity that form the foundation of major faiths and sacred traditions: concept of Higher Being, human struggle, power of prayer, and ultimate spiritual- destinations.

We see affirmations of God’s Power, Majesty, and Magnificence; the unfathomable nature of His Creation; and reminders of God’s unbound benevolence towards all Creation as a loving and compassionate Father, Mother, and mighty King. We see Hope, Faith, Love, and Service as commandments for human conduct; living our faith in service to others as our personal commitment and offering to God.

We see life as wonder, mystery, anticipation, uncertainty, creativity, celebration, and as the scriptures remind us, our precious opportunity to know and serve God, to be reunited with Him eternally in the Hereafter.


Our interfaith gatherings bring home some of these common Truths and Revelations. At the interfaith gatherings, we witness a rich spectrum of our spiritual wisdom and sacred expressions. We reaffirm and briefly relive the beautiful spiritual tapestry that seems stretched across human universe by The Creator Himself. In the diverse and distinct prayers, chants, music, worship practices, we experience hope, love, and God’s promise without distinction or a sense of separateness. Even as we are reminded of the many paths to achieve the fullness of life in the here and the Hereafter, we feel connected in a circle of friendliness and our common humanity. We see lessons in profound wisdom, and we proudly honor the sanctity of each faith and sacred tradition. In so doing we honor God from whom all gifts flow, including the gift of life, liberty, and spirituality.

I marvel at the scriptural readings, sacred chants, and musical renditions on such occasions. My mind travels, recalls and unravels similar passages, ideas and illustrations enshrined in other sacred texts. For me, this realization is not just a coincidence or a case of borrowed inspiration. It is a strong and unmistakable affirmation that there is One Central Source of all Knowledge, for all faiths. Much like a Beloved Parent and Teacher, God often repeats the same lessons in other settings at other times in His tireless and benevolent effort to keep us on a path of peace, unity, and to honor our shared humanity. Our inter-faith is just that: entering into faith with one another as One God’s Children and discovering our many common hopes, dreams, and individual and collective promise; knowing, learning, celebrating, and strengthening our own embraced faith traditions; and seeing our many faiths as the beautiful panels of our magnificent spiritual tapestry.

Participating in several Interfaith Prayer Services in recent months was a special privilege to witness this Truth. Seeing the CBS documentary: “IN GOD’S NAME” over the Holiday Season was an enlightening and moving experience. The documentary spotlighted 12 spiritual leaders from major faith traditions who offered us some insights into their faiths and personal lives. They shared common wisdom that weaves through the colorful fabric of faiths; discussed overarching ideas, lessons, and sacred traditions that form the intricate mosaic of faiths that intrigues and inspires five billion souls across the human universe. They reminded us of our responsibility, moral accountability, and urgent need to recognize that we have the power to bridge our self-created divides. Offer each other light instead of darkness; hope instead of indifference, renewed trust instead of continued distrust; and friendship and unconditional respect instead of unwelcome ignorance and intolerance if we are serious about our mutual survival as a civilization and shaping a more peaceful and hopeful world for ourselves and future generations.

Kanwal Prakash “KP” Singh
Indianapolis, Indiana USA
December 25, 2007






“KP” Singh,
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