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NRI News - NRIs in the US Election 2006



  • Bobby Jindal, Republican US House of Representatives from Louisiana for the second straight term securing 88 per cent of the total votes cast. Jindal spent more than $2.3 million, more than any other candidate. His Democratic opponents, Stacey Tallitsch spent about $33,000 till the end of October and David Gereighty spent about $20,000 only.

    His Democratic opponents, Stacey Tallitsch spent about $33,000 till the end of October and David Gereighty spent about $20,000 only.

  • Kumar P. Barve, Maryland: Elected To State Representative District 17 Maryland, November 2006 General Election
  • Satveer Chaudhry, a Democrat, Minnesota, State Senator retained his seat in District 50, earning 64 per cent of the votes in the US Congressional polls.
  • Swati Dandekar,53, Democrat, Iowa Representative has won by a margin of more than 10 per cent. She won for the third time to the Iowa State Assembly from the 36 District in Marion in the US Congressional polls. She defeated her Republican opponent Nick Wagner

    "It is really satisfying. The fight was tough as the Republicans spent lot of money for the campaign," Dandekar said after the victory. "They used negative tactics. But we ran our campaign on a positive platform. Many people appreciated our approach. I thank all my friends and the community who stood behind me in the campaign," she said. She recounted her experience and said she dreamed of becoming a scientist or a CEO of a company. "I never imagined I would in Iowa or in politics," Dandekar said.

  • Jay Goyal wins Ohio House seat
  • Raj Goyle will be a great addition in Topeka"
  • KASH GILL, Member, City Council YUBA CITY, elected Nov. 07, 2006
  • TEJ MAAN, Member, City Council YUBA CITY



  • Raj Peter Bhakta, Republican got 34 per cent of the votes in the 13th District against his Democratic incumbent who received 66 per cent of the vote.
  • Neeraj Nigam, a computer systems analyst working in Washington, 10th Dirstict, was not successful at the hustings in Virginia. He ran for Congress as an independent
  • Dr. A. J. Sekhon- a Democrat, lost from California's 2nd Congressional District, received 31% votes and his incumbent ET Herger who received 66 per cent
  • Neeta Sane, Democrat who ran for Fort Bend, Texas, County Treasurer got 45 percent of the vote against Republican Jeff Council's 55 percent.
  • Rano Singh (Democrat), running for Arizona State Treasurer;
  • Bhagwan Dashairya (Constitution Party of Michigan) who ran for Michigan Governor and secured less than 1 percent of the vote in a race swept by Democratic incumbent Jennifer Granholm.
  • Jay Bala, Republican running for Maryland House from District 28, got a good response for a first-time candidate at 34.26 percent of the vote to 65.74 percent of Democrat Tom Middleton.
  • Neil B. Sood, Republican running for Maryland State Assembly from District 21 polled 12.1 percent of the vote.
  • Morshed Alam (Republican) in New York's District 25;
  • Khorshed Chowdhury (Republican) in New York's District 54;
  • Prameela Kaza (Democrat), running for Delware Delaware State House from District 31; and
  • Mehul Thakker (Green Party), running for California State Treasurer.