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Jay Leno skit showed the Golden Temple as the summer home of Republican candidate Mitt Romney


Los Angeles Sikh Community protest against NBC network
Where Jay Leno was recording his Show”

More than 200 NRIs from Sikh Community, protested in front of NBC entrance in LA where Jay Leno was recording his show around 4-5 pm on Feb. 14. Walnut Gurdwara's management organized this protest with an idea of non-violence, peaceful and by serving free food. It was like the "Feeding of the 400," because the food never ran out and everybody was served. The officials from NBC who were passers-by stopped and happily enjoyed Indian food.

The NBC Spokeswoman ( who refused to give her name) from NBC office came to talk Sikh Community leaders and spent around half an hour. She tried to understand the situation and promised to convey all information to her higher authorities. .............Gary Singh/ Mr. Kalsi

In photo, The NBC Spokeswoman is listening communy leader Parmjit S. Nijjar, Real Estate Entrepreneur.
The community leades were also trying to educate her Who Are Sikhs?

Walnut Gurdwara's management team - Parmjit S. Nijjar, Jagjit S. Irani, Swaran S. Dabgotra, Surinder S. Bhogal, Saab Bhullar, Gurcharan Juneja, Kulbir S. Bhullar, Satpal S. Ghotra, Kulbir S. Hundal and Pushpinder Sekho really did a great job for Sikh Community.

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Peaceful Protest by Sikh Community on February 14, 2012

Los Angeles, Feb. 15, 2012
S. Dabgotra 

On January 19, 2012 Mr. Jay Leno the Host of “The Tonight Show” made wrong representation of the GOLDEN TEMPLE. He flashed the picture of the Golden Temple and said “It is a Vacation home” of the Republican Presidential candidate of America.

One of the Board of Directors of Gurdwara Sahib, Walnut, CA, USA, Mr. Parmjit Singh Nijjar happens to see this on the TV and felt it is a disgrace to our Holiest Shrine “ Darbar Sahib” Amritsar. He called a meeting of the Board of Directors and narrated what he saw and requested to take action and put a stop to these kinds of jokes in future not only to NBC but all kind of Media.

The gurdwara members started calling other Gurdwars managements in Southern California and requested to participate & cooperate in this common cause of Sikhs. The cooperation and encouragement was overwhelming and positive, to go ahead and have a Peaceful protest. The members made sure to get all the cooperation from the City of Burbank and the Police department.

Therefore, on February 14, 2012 Sikhs from all over Southern California and some from North united and assembled in front of the NBC studio between 2:30 - 5:30 PM in large numbers. Although it was a working day even then more than 250 Sikhs (men, women and children) united to show their disappointment and demonstrated a very peaceful protest.

The message they sent to NBC and Mr. Jay Leno that it is wrong to crack a joke on any Religion or Religious places. The Sikhs prepared Banners, and printed material and distributed to the public to bring awareness about Sikhs in general and about the holiest shrine “Golden Temple”.

The Golden Temple has a free kitchen that serves hot vegetarian meals without charge all day, every day 80,000 +_during the week days and almost double on the weekend days. To continue the tradition free kitchen, vegetarian food and snacks were arranged ahead of time and was offered & served to the public who so ever passed by and handed over the printed material for them to read and gain knowledge about Sikhs and the Sikh religion. The Free Kitchen was started 437 years ago in Sikh religion to welcome and treat each and every one equally –without any distinction between color, race, religion or creed.

Gurdwara Sahib, Walnut team members sent a message to Jay Leno via his PR person Tracy St. Pierre that they will pay for boarding & Lodging for him and Tracy to go and visit the Golden Temple and see the most magnificent holy place in the entire world.

The members of Gurdwara Sahib, Walnut are thankful to S. Ravinder Singh of Khalsa Peace Corp for donating the food and also to Satpal Singh Ghotra of Diamond Palace for Samosa Snacks. Also are thankful to all the people who made effort and took time out to be part of the protest for this common cause. The members are truly thankful to Mr. Amamjit Singh Dhillon of Gurdwara Buena Park at Stanton, Kirtan Singh Khalsa of Gurdwara Sikh Dharma and all the media who covered the event.