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Los Angeles, Nov. 18, 2008
By Dilip Butani

Hundreds gathered this Sunday to welcome Durga Devi as she joined a host of other deities at the Vedic Temple in Montclair. The beautiful marble moorthi found her place between the Radha Krishna moorthies and Ram Parivar Moorthies. The moorthi pratishta (installation) ceremony was performed by Sri Nithya Bhkatpriyananda Maharaj – the Pujacharya of the Vedic temple.

As people walked in to the temple they were greeted by the beautiful sight of a fully decorated Durga Devi sitting on the Simha (Lion) Vahana. Adorned in red and decorated with the finest jewellery, with a golden hue around her, she immediately captured everyone’s attention.

The celebrations began with the Pujacharya explaining the significance of the event. “We are playing with all the material things just like a kid playing with different toys. Just like a mother brings a candy to attract the attention of her kid, so to Durga Maa comes bringing the candy of bliss to get our attention”. The pratishta started with a Homa – fire ritual to invoke the cosmic mother energy. The energy is brought from the space to the air through the sacred chants, from air to fire through the Homa and fire to the water in the kalasas or pots.This water is then sprinkled on the deity to energize the deity.

The whole temple was reverberating with sacred chants as the gathering joined with the Maharaj as he was performing the Homa. They were continuously regaled with different stories and inspiring anecdotes by the Pujacharya. Following the energization and pratishta of Durga maa, the devotees carried the kalashas to perform the weekly abhishekam for Anandeshwari Devi.

Following the Abhishekam there was a special Sri Yantra Puja performed on this auspicious occasion. Participating devotees performed the puja to the yantra as they were guided by the pujacharya. The devotees then take these energized yantras to be placed on their personal alters.

The celebrations culminated with the offering of Maha Prasad to all the devotees.
The temple is planning a bhajans night with Saul David Raye along with a special Lakshmi Puja on Sunday November 23. Everyone is welcome.

The Vedic Temple is an inner science laboratory charged with amazing spiritual energy, helping people live creative, successful and blissful lives. It is a gift from the divine vision of Paramahamsa Nithyananda. The Vedic Temple is open every day from 7 am to 10 pm. For more information about events, classes or to volunteer, please visit their website at or call them at (909) 625-1400.



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