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Srimad Bhagwat Katha by Balshuk Shri Gopeshji Maharaj

at Shri Ramkabir Bhakta Samaj Cultural Center, 12311 Firestone Blvd, Norwalk CA 90650 From - Friday August 3 2012 to Thursday August 9 2012

Los Angeles, July 25, 2012
Dilip Butani

An eloquent speaker on Shrimad Bhagavatam, Shri Ram Katha and Shrimad Bhagavad-Gita with their mystical, theological and philosophical interpretations. Gopeshji was born on 11th March 1992 in Vrindaavan in the abode of his father Shri Badriprasadji Shastri (Acharya Badrish)' a celebrated scholar of Shrimad Bhagavatam and Mother Srimati Madhu; a highly virtuous lady.

 It was noted at the time of his birth that he had a spotless golden shining body. At the very time of his birth a 'U' shaped red line tilak was clearly observable on his forehead. Until the age of seven and half, He kept almost silence. Then one day suddenly he picked up the original text volume of Shrimad Bhagavat Mahapurana and started reciting before the deity of Gopeshji Maharaj - Shri Gopalji. His parents were surprised to listen to his clear pronunciation.

In his first sitting Gopeshji recited Shrimad Bhagwat for three hours. That very evening he took Shri Rama Charita manas and called his elder brothers - Radhesh, Priyesh and his parents together with his grandmother Shrimati Gomati Devi. He made them all sit and at first began to sing the chaupais of Shri Ramayana making others sing after him. Then he read the explanation for others to listen. After some time the red line tilak almost vanished from his forehead but at the same time his taste for scriptures raised gradually.

The studious Balshuk Gopeshji took education from his father Acharya Badrish and studied many religious and spiritual scriptures. While receiving his education, at the age of only ten years; he took part keenly in daily preaching programs from 10th of August 2002 to 10th of March 2003 at different spiritual platforms at - Shridham, Godhavihar, Kishorvan and Ram Kunja.

Then it was at Godhavihar from 11th March 2003 where he delivered his first: Shrimad Bhagwat Katha where well-known saints and top ranked learned persons came to bless and appreciate him. Little Shukdeva, Gopesh Ji is rising sun of spiritual firmament of virtuous dialogue. His Knowledge of scriptures at the age of only 10 years is a matchless piece of God's action.

After Vrindaavan, Gopeshji has performed many impressive and successful programs of Shri Mad Bhagwat Katha in various places all over India. Gopeshji Maharaj has been speaking Bhagwat Katha Sep. 2003 daily for all the listeners of the world from TV Channels. A trust has also been established by little Shukdeva, Gopeshji for the good of the people as its motto.

Shri Gopeshji visits USA in the summer every year and doesKatha at New Jersey, Florida, Atlanta, etc. In fact, for the first time he is visiting Los Angeles at the invitation of Shri Abhinav Mehta, Vastu Energy Consultant @ BlissVastu and Bipin Morari of Jaybharat foods. All are invited with family & friends to take advantage of his auspicious lectures at Shri Ramkabir Bhakta Samaj Cultural Center, 12311 Firestone Blvd, Norwalk CA 90650 From - Friday August 3 2012 to Thursday August 9 2012 daily from 6 PM to 9.00 PM followed by Prasadam prepared by Jaybharat foods.

For more details please contact: Abhinav Mehta - 213 422 5725, Anil Parikh - 562 335 2349, Dilip Sangani - 213 215 4375, Naresh Bhakta - 626 253 6355, Bipin Morari - 760 497 0888 or Dilip Butani 562 569 6722