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Walnut Gurdwara commemorates 402 Martyrdom Day
Shree Guru Arjan Dev Ji on July 4th


Walnut, California, July, 04, 2008
Raj Kaur

Los Angeles NRIs commemorates 402 Martyrdom Day of Shree Guru Arjan Dev Ji on July 4th at Walnut Gurdwara, Walnut , 2001 East Walnut Dr. from 7.30 to 4.00 pm. All surrounding Gurdwaras also took participation in this great event. Sadh Sangat from near and far congregated at Gurdwara Sahib with great pyar and sharda to do seva and enjoy Guru ki Bani.

Tea, Snacks and Kachi Lassi were served from morning to Noon and Guru Ka Langar was served all day. Langer Sewa was served by Delhi Palace Restaurant.

Kirtan Jethas - Bhai Gurkirpal Singh and Amandeep Singh from Gurdwar Mata Kaulan, Amritsar; Bhai Bhupinder Singh Anand, Bhai Varender Singh (Delhi Wale); Bhai Chattar Singh (Jallandhar Wale); Bhai Gurnam Singh- Kathawachak (Meerut Wale); Bibi Kulwant Kaur (Bombay Wale); Bhai Paras Singh Paras; South California-Raagi Tathas and Children Jathas, all participate in this event. The Divan was blessed by Guru ji, with keertan in so much "Rang" that the divan continued to 4pm.

The whole of the committee was also doing seva in the langar with the sangat, either distributing it, or cleaning dishes. The local sevadars had preplanned and spent a few days cleaning, preparing and decorating the hall especially for the programme.

You could see Gurdwara leaders are themselves active sevadars with humilty in the hearts.

Guru Arjan Dev ji, the Fifth Sikh Guru was born on April 15, 1563 A.D. at Goindwal, a small town on the bank of the river Beas in the district of Amritsar, in the house of Guru Ram Das, the fourth Guru. He had destined to be the first martyr to the Sikh cause and religious toleration, enjoyed the distinction of being the grandson of Guru Amar Das.

Guru Arjan Dev ji stood steadfastly for the principles he believed in, sacrificed his own life, and attained a unique and unparalleled martyrdom in the history of mankind. He contributed towards the welfare of the society, treasure of celestial knowledge and spiritual excellence. ....Read More











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