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New Gurdwara opened in Palm Springs & celebrate Vaisakhi Divas


Palm Springs, April 26, 2009
Swaran Dabgotra/Jasminder Singh Dhillon

Due to increasing population of Sikhs in the Palm Springs and the nearby areas, the Sikh devotees, business owners and community leaders felt that they need new gurdwara in this area because they have to traveled to River side Gurdwara almost 60 miles (one way) every Sunday.

With the Grace of God, this Sach Khand Guru Ghar “SIKH TEMPLE PALM SPRINGS” was started on January 1, 2009. This was the desire of some devotees of Guru ji who arranged and organized with a lot of enthusiasm. They put a lot of time and effort to make it happen. The members of Congratulate and send their Best Wishes to the Sadh Sangat and the Board members of Sikh Temple Palm Springs on their achievement and success. May Waheguru bless them and give them a lot of strength and support to turn it into a land mark of Palm Spring in the near future.

The opening ceremonies were attended by many Sikh devotees, community leaders from throughout California, and political personalities.

Celebrate Vaisakhi Divas on April 19, 2009:

The Sadh Sangat and the Board of Directors (Sewadars) of Gurdwara Sahib “SIKH TEMPLE PALM SPRINGS” organized and celebrated Vaisakhi Divas on April 19, 2009. Vaisakhi is the day when Guru Gobind Sigh Ji baptized 5 men and awarded them the title Punj Piaras and then these Punj Piaras baptized Guru Sahib and Khalsa Panth was established. This is the Birthday of Sikhs. This was on April 13, and it happened 310 years ago. Since then Sikhs all over the world where ever they are, celebrate Vaisakhi during the month of April every year.

The sadh sangat of Sikh Temple Palm Springs started the Akhand Path Sahib on Friday April 17, 2009 at 10 AM and completed on Sunday and the Bhog ceremony was at 10 AM April 19, 2009. Then they installed Sri Nishaan Sahib. It was a breath taking ceremony. It was a moment of pride for all the Sangat. Sat Sri Akal Jaikaras were recited at the top of their voice. There were about 200 devotees. Some of the sangat came from Riverside, Walnut and Buena Park.

After that Gurbani Keertan started at 11:30 AM by the ragi Jatha of Bhai Jagtaar Singh JI and Bhai Balwinder Singh Ji. They performed melodious keertan and katha for about an hour. Then Bibi Jaskaran Kaur and Bibi Harleen Kaur Baath recited beautiful shabads. Also Bibi Sonika Turna delivered a very compelling and passionate speech regarding Khalsa and Vaisakhi. The last shabad was recited by Gurbachan Singh ji.

The president announced that they have acquired 20 acres land near freeway#10 at North India road, Palm Spring for the Gurdwara Sahib and hoping with the blessings of Waheguru will start the architectural drawings very soon.

After the Keerton Sohila path Ardas took place at 2 PM and then after the Hukam Nama, parshaad was served. It followed by Guru ka Langar. It was the blessing of the Guru that every one enjoyed every moment.

This was all done with the blessing of Waheguru that a few members who spend their valuable time thoughts and funds and started all this and accomplished the goal in such a short time. And celebrated the first Vaisakhi Divas.

For more information, contact:

    • Avtar Singh Gadria 760 217 6271
    • Jasminder Singh Dhillon 760 217 0082
    • Satbir Singh Tung 909 576 5799
    • Nirmal Singh Thakedar 760 831 0727
    • Lakhwinder Singh Turna 760 333 3351
    • Ravinder Singh (Ravi) 760 218 6685





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