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California Gov. Jerry Brown honors Didar Bains


Gov. Jerry Brown honors Didar Bains ‘peach king’ of Yuba City

Bains owns around 40,000 acres farming land- the largest peach grower in the US

Los Angeles, Nov. 18. 2014
NRIpress-Club, LA/ Gary Singh/ Ramesh/ R. Kandola-Photos

LEFT: Karmdeep Bains s/o Didar Bains, Gov. Jerry Brown and Right- Didar Singh Bains

On Nov. 16, Sunday, Gov. Jerry Brown went  to Sikh Gurdwara (Sikh Temple) at Sacramento to honor Didar Bains, “peach king of California, for his service to our American society.  Mr. Bains is  a longtime political supporter for Jerry Brown. Last month, Jerry Brown elected to a record fourth term as governor of California- since 2011 and   also 34th Governor from 1975 to 1983 

At Sikh temple, Edmund Gerald "Jerry" Brown, Jr. told over 2000 Sikh audience:

  • My own ancestors from Germany came across the plains looking for a better life and my grandfather was a farmer.
  • What builds California and America is not one group or any bureaucracy  and  it’s individual families.
  • We need to welcome people respect people in California
  • We tend to get stagnant without the replenishment of new people and new ideas
  • The world needs religious and ethnic tolerance more than ever – and the nation and California benefit from immigrants

He praised Bains and thousands of other immigrants from India who have enriched the nation with their culture and work ethic..

Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law two legislative bills IN 2012:

1.    Assembly Bill 1964 -- protects workers who wear sacred turbans, hijabs and yarmulkes

2.    Senate Bill 1540-- changes how history and social sciences are taught in schools so that students learn about the history, tradition and theology of California Sikhs.

Didar  Singh Bains came to US in 1958 at the age of 18 and settled in California.  Now he owns  around 40,000 acres farming land  at Yuba, Butte, Sacramento, Glenn,  Sutter  and Tehema Cities

He has donated millions of dollars to schools in India and Canada. He was president of Gurdwaras  at Yuba City and Stockton.

”In 1962, I  met Brown’s father, Governor Pat Brown  and I have faith in Jerry Brown,” said  Didar Bains. “My farm  have plenty of water from deep wells, the Oroville Dam and Feather and Sacramento rivers but I support his water plans.”

Karm Bains- Son:

“In our farming land, we grow peaches, prunes, walnuts, almonds and  also established processing plants,” said Karm Bains, 40. “We are really blessed and understand restrictions laws, water problems and agricultural regulations. We appreciate governor’s efforts to expand California trade with China for nuts, fruit and dried fruit.”

Amar Shergill:

“The Sikh community is at a turning point that many immigrants go through and we are no longer looking inward,”  said Amar Shergill who is the founding partner of the Shergill Law Firm and a trial attorney exclusively representing victims in injury and wrongful death cases. “We are politically active, and the governor Jerry Brown recognizes us.”

Why Gov. Jerry Brown honors Didar Bains after one month’s election:

 Gov. Jerry Brown of California honors Didar Bains because he is model of Sikh community of 50,000 in the region. Like other Sikhs, Mr. Bains is hard working entrepreneur, farmer  and  making incredible contributions to American life and on the world scene.

Charanjit Batth- one of the biggest producer of raisins in the world. In 1969, Charanjit started his own farming with 50 acres of land and today he grow grapes on 18,000 acres (15000 acres own and 3000 acres lease) in Caruthers, California. Charanjit Singh Batth in Caruthers, CA is a private company categorized under Almond Grove.

Harbhajan Samra, M.A. in economics, Okra King,  has customers for Indian vegetables throughout the United States, Canada and Britain. He owns Samra Produce & Farms, about 120 hectares

The future looks bright and promising for the Sikhs earning a rightful place in the fabric of America and other nations."

 Sikhs today have been in the forefront in many fields: celebrated farmers, soldiers, scientists and doctors, legal, business, and finance professionals, innovators, educators, transporation, 7-Eleven and pioneers. In the West, they have also been engaged in the arts (musicians, authors, artists, film makers), service, media, politics, and philanthropy. Since 9/11, many Sikh advocacy groups and individuals have been highly engaged and working hard to introduce and mainstream Sikh heritage, talents, achievements, and concerns to dispel unfounded stereotyping and to motivate future generations to excel and explore opportunities on many levels and on many fronts.

 “Sikhs have been in America for the past 125 years. Some of the celebrated Sikhs include: Dr. Narinder Singh Kapani (Scientist- father of fiber optics), Ajaypal Singh Banga (Finance- CEO, Master Card), Nikki Randhawa Haley (Politician- Governor of South Carolina), Didar Singh Bains (California farmer- The Peach King of America), Dr. Amarjeet Singh Marwah (Humanitarian, Philanthropist and a Sikh pioneer) and countless others that have earned name and fame nationally and internationally

"The Sikh faith, founded by Guru Nanak (1469-1538) and nurtured by nine succeeding Sikh Gurus in Punjab, India, has spread across all continents over the past 500 years. A monotheistic faith, Sikhism was founded on the precepts of equality, justice, dignity of all people, sanctity of all faiths, intertwined destiny across the human universe, service and sacrifice. Today, with 35 million followers Sikhism is recognized as the fifth largest faith in the world…….KP Singh

“During 17th Century, when India was ruled by Mughals (Muslim Extremists treated the Hindu women as there own property and were forcing all Hindus to accept Islam and even used to kill if they refused to accept,” wrote La  scholar John Lis. “ Sikhs have always believed in the right of an individual to practice a religion of his or her own choice and have always fought against tyranny. Jahangir, the fourth Mughal emperor wrote in his memoirs, Tuzak-i-Jahangiri about Guru Arjan Dev Ji, the fifth Guru of Sikhs, "For a long time the thought had been presenting itself to me that he should be bought to the fold of Islam”. In 1606, when the Guru refused the forceful conversion, he was put to death by boiling in a cauldron and sitting on a hot iron plate.”

Sikhs by nature are respectful, courageous, hardworking, and enterprising.