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Gupta family of 3 brothers in South Africa


  Gupta family under fire for exerting undue influence on Zuma- to  get citizenship by naturalization.
No body believe that Guptas would be rich as they are with­out Zuma

Johannesburg, South Africa, July 01, 2017 Singh/Gary Singh

President Jacob Zuma, his son Duduzane, some Cabinet ministers and a host of officials in government and state-owned enterprises see no problem with selling their souls and their country to the Guptas. South Africans have tolerated the Guptas’ corruption and racism for far too long. South Africa is tormented by the legacy of colonialism and apartheid and both saw themselves as superior to others and entitled to pillage the resources of this land.

South African Parliament briefed on Gupta family naturalization

Cape Town, June 28, 2017: South Africa's Parliament was briefed on naturalization granted to the controversial Indian Gupta family.

Director General of the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) Mkuseli Apleni on Tuesday, appeared before Parliament's Portfolio Committee on Home Affairs, but former Minister of Home Affairs Malusi Gigaba (now Finance Minister) and the current Home Affairs Minister Buhle Mkhize did not show up as requested, XInhua news agency reported.

Apleni conceded that the DHA failed to inform Parliament of the decision to grant members of the Gupta family citizenship by naturalization. But Apleni said this was on omission instead of an attempt to hide something.

Under the country's Citizenship Act, Home Affairs Minister must submit information to Parliament within a specific period whenever applicants are granted citizenship due to exceptional circumstances.

When he was Home Affairs Minister, Gigaba granted citizenship to members of the Gupta family without informing Parliament, waiving a provision that required applicants to be in the country for at least five years before applying.

The absence of Gigaba and Mkhize from Tuesday's meeting angered the opposition Democratic Alliance (DA) which holds Gigaba accountable for the failure to table the matter in Parliament.

"South Africans are treated to near-daily media reports of how the Gupta family's relationship with members of the Executive resulted in preferential treatment. Now Parliament is again being frustrated in its efforts to interrogate this suspicious exercise of executive authority," the DA said in a statement.

The wealthy Guptas, which allegedly keep close ties with President Jacob Zuma and a number of cabinet ministers, have been under fire for exerting undue influence on Zuma in the appointment of cabinet ministers and the awarding to lucrative contracts with state-owned companies, known as "state capture."

Both the Guptas and Zuma have denied the allegations.