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Ex-MLA, Punjab

Jan 03, 2013:
The statement of Ms. Shruti mentioned in the chargesheet filed by the police in a Faridkot Court, is totally contrary to the claims made by the police during investigation. It has exposed beyond doubt the inefficient, partisan and shoddy working of the police in the sensational Shruti abduction case. It has once again brought to fore a highly politicized working of the state police.
As per the statement made by the victim Ms. Shruti, she was terrorized, molested and thrashed by the abductor Nishan Singh. The victim says she was forcibly kept under lock and key in Chandigarh, Delhi, Kharar and Goa. Ms. Shruti has also stated that Nishan Singh forced her to write a letter claiming that she was with him of her own free will. The accused Nishan Singh also coerced her into posing for a picture with him “to spoil my life” according to the statement. She has also stated that she tried to escape twice from the custody of Nishan Singh but was caught and given a severe thrashing. Nishan Singh not only raped her repeatedly but also threatened to kill her parents, if she spoke the truth. She also stated that on the day of abduction, she was pulled by the hair and bundled into the car and her parents were thrashed publicly.
The startling facts made by Ms. Shruti in her statement are diametrically opposite to the story concocted by the police. The then DIG and SSP had released photos and letter of Ms. Shruti with Nishan Singh, declaring that she was living in consent with her abductor. The police also tried to portray this abduction into an elopement with the consent of Ms. Shruti. Even Bikram Majithia Minister read out her story of consent in the Vidhan Sabha during the law and order discussion.
It is now amply clear that Nishan Singh was being shielded and patronized by the Dy. CM, the DGP and his other political mentors. It was due to his proximity with the Badal family that he went scott free, when he first abducted Ms. Shruti and kept her in illegal custody at Kharar. The police have grossly failed to nab the actual conspirators in the crime including those who shielded him and those who gave shelter to Nishan Singh from Faridkot to Goa.
Therefore, congress terms the entire investigation of Punjab Police a farce, eye wash and a blatant effort to shield not only the culprit but his political and police mentors. It is therefore demanded that the Ms. Shruti abduction and rape case be handed over to the CBI, so that the real culprits including the erring cops and political leaders be brought to the book. Congress trashes and rejects the politically motivated and whimsical investigation of the Punjab Police in the matter.


Punjab Congress hails launching of direct benefit transfer scheme

CHANDIGARH, January 2, 2013:

Punjab Congress today hailed the launching of the Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) scheme for the beneficiaries of various subsidies being provided by the government of India. The party said, the scheme will ensure that the entire benefit reaches to the beneficiaries without any pilferage or corruption.
Welcoming the launching of the scheme, Punjab Congress general secretary and Dhuri MLA Arvind Khanna also lashed out at the opposition parties particularly the Akali Dal and the Bhartiya Janata Party opposing the scheme for the narrow partisan interests. He said, they were simply scared that they will no longer be able to claim credit for centrally sponsored schemes which so far they were selling as their own.
Khanna said, the direct transfer of subsidies to the beneficiaries has been widely welcomed by economists and social organisations for the obvious reason that this will lead to the entire benefit of the welfare schemes reaching to the real beneficiaries while avoiding the middlemen.
The Congress general secretary asked the Akali Dal and the BJP as whether they were speaking for the middlemen who rob off most of the benefits of the subsidies or the real deserved beneficiaries who stand advantaged with the direct subsidy.
He said, it was quite surprising that the opposition parties were accusing the government of India of launching people friendly policies with the purpose of getting votes. “Do they mean that the government of India should do nothing just because they fear that it will fetch support from the public?” he asked, while adding, the opposition parties should gracefully welcome the welfare schemes which are going to benefit everyone deserving irrespective of any political affiliations.