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Sukhpal Singh Khaira,
MLA, Bholath


  • Sep. 24, 2011: Congress terms the short Vidhan Sabha session a cruel joke and mockery of democracy in Punjab.
    It is extremely unfortunate that a state like Punjab which has lost its sheen over the years and is on a downward trend in all spheres, has no time to debate its woes on the floor of the house.  The proposed last session of the Vidhan Sabha from 3rd Oct. to 5th Oct. is nothing but a cruel joke and mockery of democracy.
    As is the tradition the first day i.e. 3rd Oct. would go without any legislative business due to obituaries, can we as legislators do justice to our electorate in two days of session? People have been pressing us with important issues to be raised for the last six months, can we come up to their expectations in two sittings?  Each legislator has sent on an average 25 questions for their respective constituencies making it more than 2000 questions of the people, while there are going to be only two question hours of one hour each and answers to not more than 50 questions can be given by the govt.
    Even the humiliating defeat of Punjab Govt. in the Supreme Court yesterday over the issue of Hansi Butana toe wall issue is a direct fall out of lack of debate in the Vidhan Sabha, I, as a member had warned the govt. well in advance of the dire consequences of construction of toe wall on Hansi – Butana by Haryana Govt. during the last year’s monsoon session but to no avail.  Most of the time opposition is gagged by the Speaker backed by the treasury benches as such vital issues are lost in the din.   Had the entire house debated threadbare the Hansi – Butana issue and then passed a unanimous resolution, we would not have seen this pathetic situation.
    More than 100 villages around river Ghaggar in Patiala are likely to face the wrath of this toe wall in the shape of floods but we as representatives of the people debated nothing.  Therefore, the congress urges the Hon’ble Speaker to extend the session by minimum a fortnight to debate burning issues of the people such as havoc caused by flooding of Sutlej and Beas rivers, rampant corruption, anguish and resentment amount employees, unabated political vendetta, politicization of civil and police machinery, critical financial situation forcing the govt. to pick up huge loans through its Market committee’s, ever increasing drug menace, deteriorating law and order and a plethora of other issues.

  • Sep. 21: Congress condemns biased and politically motivated usage of financial discretionary powers by CM and Dy. C.M.

    The off repeated allegations of favoritism, nepotism and biased working of the Badals stand vindicated as per reply of Punjab Govt. to Election Commission of India, on usage of financial discretionary powers by CM and Dy. C.M.

    As per information available the Chief Minister and the Dy. Chief Minister have allocated most of their discretionary fund either for their home district or their constituencies as figures of whopping Rs. 4,035 lakh and Rs. 599 lakh for Muktsar and Bathinda respectively indicate.   Documents show that though the CM and Dy. CM are responsible for development of the entire state, they have deemed themselves to be accountable to only people or voters in their own respective constituencies or maximum to that of Smt. Harsimrat Kaur MP Bathinda.

    Serious allegations of bias towards Majha and Doaba areas by the Badal family have been leveled by virtually all political parties of state repeatedly.  All major development projects like thermal plants, universities, engineering and medical colleges including centre sponsored ITI’s, all have gone to Malwa region.  But what is striking in the latest information is the further bias within Malwa region by the Badals, when it comes to their home constituencies of Muktsar and Bathinda.  It only goes to show that they both are insincere with other parts of Malwa at the cost of their home districts.

    Therefore, the congress urges the CM and Dy. CM to be fair with the other parts of the state a well.  They should realize that they are representatives of the people of Punjab and not only their areas, when it comes to use public exchequer money.  The congress party demands a thorough probe into unfair, biased and politically motivated distribution of FDP by the CM and Dy. CM by an independent agency.


  • Sep. 09: I was surprised to read a statement of Bibi Jagir Kaur today that appeared in The Tribune on page 4, where she promises to fight apostasy. I am attaching photographs of Bibi Jagir Kaur downloaded from the official website of SGPC wherein it is abundantly clear that she herself does not subscribe to Sikh ‘Maryada’. A close look at the photos indicates that she got facial hairs removed by using today’s modern beauty parlor techniques and thus becoming a ‘Patit’ sikh. Her appearance even today is the one on the right photo and this can be best judged when you meet her in person.
    In another startling statement she has promised to fight female foeticide, while she is main accused in famous Harpreet murder case responsible for killing her own pregnant daughter. She is advised to practice herself what she preaches.
    Do you think religious leaders like her should be allowed to fight SGPC elections? I am sorry to state that the Jathedar of Shri Akal Takhat Sahib failed to take cognizance of my two letters(Copy attached) as he is not independent and is in the control of the Badal family.

  • Sep. 07: I urge the Jathedar of Akal Takhat Sahib to institute a commission of inquiry into the rampant corruption in SGPC at the behest of the Badal family.
    The tantalizing revelations of amazingly corrupt practices being indulged in by Sh. Makkar, President SGPC, call for an immediate judicial probe by none less than a retired judge of the High Court.
    It was shocking to read the SGPC President had spert Rs.1.64 cr as petrol expenses during the last five years as per RTI information. On an average the car of SGPC President consumed petrol worth Rs 9038 daily, during the last five years. As per information the car could have made 585 round trips from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and 5938 to and fro trips from Amritsar to Delhi. Even if the SGPC President slept in the car for the last five years in running condition such massive fuel expenses could not have been incurred. It only goes to show how rampantly and blatantly corrupt Sh. Makkar is. Similarly Sikhs across the world were shocked to read that the SGPC was incurring a loss of Rs 23 crore annually for the maintenance of Darbar Sahib complex at Amritsar. Needless to mention Darbar Sahib is the most visited religious place not only by the Sikhs but people from all walks of life. Despite huge offerings made by people a loss of 23 crores is a clear sign of mismanagement of the coffers of SGPC.
    Even the allotment of ‘Gurbani’ rights only to PTC channel speaks volumes of favoritism at the behest of the Badal as PTC channel has benami shares of the Badal family. Why the SGPC has chosen to allocate ‘Gurbani’ rights only to PTC questions the Congress , Why a competitive tender is not floated for allocation of ‘Gurbani’ rights, it would not only fetch more revenue to the SGPC but would also expand the viewers network.
    Such like many more scandals have been often coming to light casting a serious aspersion on the transparent working of the SGPC. It is also common knowledge that Sh. Makkar is merely a front man of the Badal family. All major financial decisions are actually taken by the father son duo and Sh. Makkar only signs on the dotted lines.
    Therefore, it is high time that a thorough probe be held into all financial irregularities and misdeeds of the SGPC which is remote controlled by the Badals. The inquiry must be conducted by none less than a retired judge of the High Court. The Sikhs did not sacrifice their lives in the early 20th century to push the ‘Mahants’ out of Gurudwaras then, to install new Badal backed ‘Mahants’ now.
    I also call upon the Sikhs to give a crushing defeat to all Badal sponsored Candidates in the ensuing SGPC polls on 18 Sept., to get our historic body out of the clutches of the Badal family.

  • Sep. 04: SAD and Mr. Badal owe an explanation to Sikh masses over their duplicity in the Davinderpal Singh Bhuller clemency case.

                  Mr. Badal and the SAD are cleverly hoodwinking and misleading Sikh masses on the issue of clemency for Davinderpal Singh Bhullar. Mr. Badal owes an explanation to the Sikh community  for his double speak on this sensitive issue for which he is trying to reap political dividends. 
                In so far the demands of clemency raised by the SAD are concerned, it is astoundingly surprising that on one hand they are seeking clemency for Bhuller, while on the other hand the SAD govt. not only calls Bhuller a terrorist, but also defends Sh. Sumedh Saini IPS Chief Director Vigilance Bureau in the Supreme Court. As per the petition filed by the state govt. in the Supreme Court (brief paras attached) “Para (ZD) such hardcore and experienced criminals, who have a well organized international support base are likely to misuse such orders to attempt victimization of dedicated police officers, which is a matter of concern to the petitioner”
                As we are aware the CBI on the directions of High Court has lodged an FIR RC 51/08(S)0010 P.S. Chandigarh against Sh. Sumedh Saini IPS, in the matter of disappearance of Balwant Singh Bhuller father of Davinderpal Bhuller, Balwant Singh S/o Sh. Darshan Singh Multani a former IAS Officer and three others. The said five persons including the father of Davinderpal Bhuller have supposedly been eliminated in a fake encounter at the behest of Sh. Saini, thus the FIR.  
                By defending a charge sheeted officer like Sh. Saini the SAD Govt. is also violating the directives of the Jathedar Akal Takhat Sahib, who has been consistently seeking the release of Davinderpal Bhuller and has asked the SGPC to defend him legally.

                Now instead of suspending an officer like Sh. Saini who has also been charge sheeted in another sensational kidnapping and abduction of three innocent persons in the infamous Saini Motors case FIR No. RC No. 2 (S)/94, the Badal Govt. has rewarded him with a plum post of Chief Director VB, just because he can browbeat and intimidate the political opponents of the present SAD-BJP Govt.
                The present stance of the CM amounts to complete double standards and paradoxical in nature, which can rightly be explained in a small quote, “to run with the hare and hunt with the hound”. The SAD must choose between a blemished officer like Sh. Sumedh Saini and Sh. Davinderpal Bhuller over this issue and should not befool the masses particularly the Sikhs for cheap political gains.
    Therefore, I urge the Chief Minister to clarify his political view point over this sensitive matter involving the life of Davinderpal Bhuller. I also urge the CM to immediately suspend Sh. Sumedh Saini IPS under Rule 3(3) of the All India Service, Discipline and Appeals Rules 1969 without any further delay.

  • Aug 30, 2011

    Ms. Kusumjit Kaur , IAS

    Chief Electoral Officer,

    Subject: - Complaint against illegitimate orders passed by DGP security to all Commissioner’s of Police, SSP’s, IG’s and DIG’s of Zones and DGP PAP BTN in order to prevent correct information from reaching the Election Commission regarding deployment of security personnel in Moga district.
                In continuation of my earlier complaint dated 04.08.2011 addressed to Chief Election Commissioner New Delhi, copy to your office regarding politically motivated deployment of more than 300 gunmen in Moga district on the instructions of Sh. P.S. Gill DGP Punjab Police. I wish to bring to your notice an alarming note sent by DGP Security to all senior police officers as stated above, to prevent correct information about deployment of security personnel deployed in Moga district, note is reproduced below.
    Letter No. 89836-9940/CR/SW dated 26.08.11
    “While replying to any queries by the CEO Punjab at Chandigarh regarding security personnel with protectees, the same should be routed through security wing and direct replies should not be sent.”
    As you are aware the govt. of Punjab has been sending conflicting reports to your office regarding number of security personnel deployed in Moga district. First report sent by SSP Moga reported that there were 54 policemen deployed as gunmen in Moga. The second report sent by the Home Department put the figure at 37 gunmen and in its third report by another department the number stated was 64.
                The issue of large number of gunmen deployed on unwritten instructions by the present DGP Sh. P.S. Gill has gained strength, due to his intention to fight the ensuing Vidhan Sabha elections.
                By sending untrue and conflicting reports the state of Punjab is trying to shield likely action against its DGP. Even the note cited above has been circulated to top brass of police in order to conceal correct facts and hoodwink the Election Commission.
    Therefore, I demand that stringent action be taken against all those trying to mislead the Election Commission by concealing the facts at the behest of orders from their political masters.

  •  AUG 25, 2011


    Mr. K.H. Muniyappa,
    Minister of State for Railways
    Govt. of India.

    Subject :   Request for change of name of newly launched Duronto train and halts at Jalandhar and Ludhiana.


    Firstly, I take this opportunity to congratulate the UPA Govt. for connecting Amritsar with Chandigarh through the newly operated Duronto train. In the same breath, I as elected representative of the people of the state, urge to take up the following two demands of the people of Punjab.

    1)      Request for change of name, ‘Duronto’ – I was stunned to learn the meaning of ‘Duronto’ in Bengali i.e. quick.  Why Bengali culture or word is being imposed on the people of Punjab? Needles to mention, that Amritsar is a holy city with world famous Golden Temple and historically important Jallianwala Bagh monument, is it therefore, appropriate to impose a Bengali name on a train connecting Amritsar with Chandigarh, the capital of the state?

    I suggest that the train be renamed either after the secular sufi saint Sain Mir Mian who laid the foundation of ‘Harimandir Sahib’ (Golden Temple) or the train be named the “Jallianwala Bagh Express’ as both places are part of pride and history of Punjab and India.  By doing so we would be educating the world of the importance of Golden temple and Jallianwala bagh besides enhancing the pride of Punjabi’s.

    2)      Request to halt the Duronto at Jalandhar and Ludhiana – As we are all aware, Jalandhar and Ludhiana are two vital cities of Punjab and important hubs of ‘Doaba’ and ‘Majha’ respectively, if Jalandhar is the centre of sports and hand tool industry, Ludhiana is often called Manchester of India.  Therefore, leaving these two cities out of Duronto is not only illogical but ignores the sentiments of the people of these regions,  stopping the train for 2-3 minutes and Jalandhar & Ludhiana would not delay the travel time by more than 15 minutes in all.  In any case despite all publicity for the inaugural run of Duronto only 40 passengers travelled on the first day.  If stopped in these two cities, large number of commuters can avail facility to travel to the capital Chandigarh for various official works including the facility for litigants to reach the High Court of Punjab and Haryana.

    Therefore, I once again appeal to you that our above stated demands be considered without further delay in public interest and the pride of Punjabi’s.  In case you fail to take cognigance of these vital demands, we the people of Punjab would be forced to agitate peacefully for them.

    With regards


    (Sukhpal Singh Khaira)
    MLA Punjab

  • Congress demands an unconditional apology from Bikram Majitiha for his derogatory remarks against Capt. Amarinder Singh.

    Sukhpal Singh Khaira,
    MLA, Bholath

The recent utterances of Bikram Mijithia have exposed the real feudal, draconian, and full of hated character of the brother in law of the Junior Badal (Brother in law of the Govt.) His threats to finish of Capt. Amarinder Singh Politically have also exposed beyond doubt the politics of vendetta pursued under a will planned conspiracy at the behest of the Sukhbir Mijithia duo. They tried their level best to misuse the entire civil administration, the police machinery particularly the Vigilance bureau to register false cases against Capt. Amarinder Singh. They not only stopped at this but conspired and misused the august platform of Vidhan Sabha with their brute majority to expel Capt. Amarinder Singh through an unprecedented legislation. They got a tight slap on their faces however by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India.

In so far Bikram Mijithia’s claims that he above possesses the Strength to eliminate Capt. Amarinder Singh and Congress Cadres is concerned, he must not forget that before his sister’s marriage to Sukhbir Badal, he and his family were nothing but bankrupt and failed businessmen. It was his relationship to the Badal clan that not only catapulted him to the position of a Minister MLA but also restored their failed business through illegal, unethical machinations. It is an open secret that the Sukhbir Mijithia duo have hijacked the trades of sand quarrying, cable network, transport and bulk liquor to fill their coffers through unscrupulous dealings.
As reported today all political rallies being held by Mijithia are result of gross misuse of official machinery, paid migrant labour attendance and captive audiences and govt. sponsored shows. Congress predicts that once minus the govt. power and presence of the senior Badal the Badal Akali Dal would collapse and fall under its own weight since the junior Badal does not have the qualities and charisma to run party democratically.
The congress also dares the Sukhbir Mijithia duo to an open debate on the issues of development as well as political vendetta unleashed against thousands of congressmen in the state. Congress demands an unconditional apology from Bikram Majithia for making derogatory remarks and personal attacks against Capt. Amarinder Singh.


Confused Son and Dad (SAD) party.

Sukhpal Singh Khaira,
MLA Bholath

Congress dubs the ‘Son and Dad’ (SAD) party as a motley group of confused leaders unable to make up their mind. Yesterday’s cabinet decision to again give free power to farmers replacing the so called productivity bonus is a clear example of this utterly confused mind with two power centres.

Probably the Badal’s have been badly rocked by the re-emergence of Capt. Amarinder Singh as President PPCC. Jubilations by the people of Punjab during the last few days over Capt. Amarinder Singh’s appointment are unprecedented, a reason father and son duo of SAD can’t decide which way to go.

Only earlier this year the Sukhbir-Kalia committee had suggested productivity bonus instead of free power to farmers, after deliberating for months together. It indicates beyond doubt that the suggestions of this committee have flopped within six months of its implementation. Can Sukhbir Badal and Mr. Kalia explain the rationale behind their suggested productivity bonus and now reversal of their own suggestion?

Congress is of the firm opinion that the agriculture sector and the poor need subsidies to sustain themselves in today’s expensive world, yet rationalization of subsidies as suggested by Manpreet Badal is the need of the hour. We need to maintain productive subsidies while non-productive subsidies need to be slashed. Why should feudal farmers like the Badal family avail free power, questions the Congress party? Free power should be limited to small, marginal and medium scale farmers, tax payers money can’t be blown up for vote politics.

Congress calls for promoting the primary sectors of education, health, safe drinking water which are in shambles instead of appeasement and allurement of voters at the cost of public exchequer.