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Punjab Congress President Capt. Amarinder Singh at LA


After scraping plans for Canadian rallies, Capt Amrinder gets warm welcome in Chicago and Los Angeles

Capt’s Message to NRIs

  • Don’t experiment with AAP, Capt requested NRIs.
  • 1984 riots darkest chapter in Sikh history: Capt Amarinder
  • Capt would support Sehajdhari Sikhs in seeking legal recourse to vote
  • The controversial and make or break election 2017, in Punjab history
  • I am here to make a commitment to deliver changes not promises. He asked for commitment of support from NRIs

 Capt. Amarinder Singh, Punjab Congress Committee (PPCC) president, along with his 25-30 leaders including MLAs, former MLAs and district presidents, who started their 20-day trip to US and Canada from April 19, had been forced to cancel their   political rallies in Canada because Canadian rules, under Global Affairs Policy, prevent foreign governments and individuals from conducting election campaigns in Canada.

 Canadian Govt. bans Indian Election Campaign in Canada

  • US Govt. may ban Indian Election Campaign in US soon.
  • Is wooing the NRIs by India Politicians can influence votes in Punjab?
  • Why do the NRIs care and what catches their attention?

Los Angeles, May 02, 2016 Sidhu/Ramesh/Dr. Sahota/Gary Singh

After Chicago campaign, Captain Amarinder Singh along with his team  reached in Los Angeles for his May 01 rally .

On April 29, 2016,  First Dinner was organized by Ravi Grewal at his brother Dr Narinder Grewal's mansion., in a sprawling estate situated in the exclusive area of Chatsworth, (40 miles from LA airport). Around 200 friends and entrepreneurs attended the party, near the pool and hot tubs with a great sunset view  of downtown Los Angeles. .....READ MORE

Grewal mansion was decorated with lights all over with the Rolls Royce-black phantom and Ferari cars parked in front. Most of the NRIs who attended the function were business owners, also came in their Porsches, Benz and Beamers.

People enjoyed drinks with open bar all evening,   took pictures with Captain Amarinder Singh and dozon congress MLAs.

On April 30, 2016,  Second  Day Dinner was organized  by Sahib Bhular at his brother- in- Laws Paramjit Singh Nijjar's home  in Diamond Bar

The honoree dinner was arranged  and party started around 7.00pm in a fabric draped tent set up on back side of Nijjar's home. Captain Arminder came in time as it rarely happens and left around 8.30pm. Most of the people traveled a distances from 30 to 80 miles, start to arrive at 8pm-9pm. More than 50% of the guests were shocked to know that Capt had left to reach another program at another venue. The guests of Mr. Nijjar, were disappointed but stayed to have drinks, dinner before returning home.

Mr. Nijjar always welcomes Punjabi leaders and spends a lot of money, with the hope that the politicians  can do better for helping Punjab. Five years ago, in the last election of 2011,  Mr. Nijjar also invited Mr. Khaira who was MLA with Congress....Click here

Paramjit Singh Nijjar further wrote:

  • Our family came to America 50 years ago while parents stayed back. We have been visiting India from time to time.  Our parents taught us respect, love and help those in need.  Our parents were educated oriented. 
  • Whenever we visit our village we have always provided help in our village and also the primary school we attended.  We have provided help to the Gurdwara, marriages for poor family's girls, medical help to those who could not afford, improved streets,  supplied water tank to supply water to the village, provided space in our home to open sewing center for girls various other help to the villagers as needed.
  • The school we attended was upgraded to middle school and then high school. We have provided the class rooms needed to upgrade to middle and high school.  We can say with pride 90% of the structure at the school was provided by our family.  We have sponsored scholarship for 4 top students since 1998 after the death of our beloved mother and continuing as of today.
  • From time to time other help to the school as needed and hope to do more.I believe if our parents have survived 5 more years I believe high school could have become a college.  All of this was done by my brothers and sister and most of all with initiave taken by our parents.

May 01, 2016:

A)  2nd Generation NRIs  Question Answer with Amarinder Singh at SWAAD Restaurant:

  • Sahib Singh Bhullar of Swaad Resaurant invited 15-20 NRI students to meet Captain Amarinder singh. The student asked lot of questions about education, health issue, job issues and drugs use by students in Punjab. Captain spent about ninety minutes at round table question and answer session  in the presence of 100s of NRIs. This was a great program to encourage young generation to participate in politics as well as travel to Punjab on Universities education  exchange programs.

B) Capt. Amarinder Singh Rally at LA on May 01, 2016

Capt. Amarinder Singh's rally  was organized by Iqbal Samra, Ravi Grewal, Nachhattar Bhullar, Sarbjit Mann and Saab Bhullar at Conference Hall of Sheraton Hotel,  city of Pomona from 3pm-7pm.


Around 100 protesters, mostly Sikhs were  holding flags against Congress, tried to block (by shouting with Anger) NRIs from attending the speech of Amarinder Singh. No arrest was made.  

  • "We all sikhs see the 1984 massacre as a genocidal attack on our religion," said Dr. Jagjit Singh
  • Protesters's slogans  were "Never forget 84" and "We want justice for 84 victims of Congress initiated violence against the Sikhs"

Pomona Sheraton Hotel's Conference Hall of 800 seats was fully packed with audience and 100-200 were standing in aisles or passages.
Iqbal was managing the stage for various speakers. Evening started with a song by Gagan Sidhu followed by short speech by Dr Jaswant Singh Dhillon.
Capt. Amarinder Singh arrived with security escort followed by his MLAs and large crowd of NRIs.   
Iqbal welcomed the Mayor of Pomona who came to honour the Capt. Amarinder Singh with a certificate of Proclamation.

  • Kaka Surjit Lohgarh addressed the gathering with praise of Raja and his proven past record of governing.
  • Kiki Dhillon of Faridkot MLA spoke about the 2017 election in Punjab. He emphasized that next election is a make or break election for the people of Punjab. He asked for Nris help in making Congress victorious.
  • Rana Gujit Sodhi MLA Ferozpur  shared the achievements/progress made by the previous government headed by Rajaji.
    • He cited examples of farmers getting payments within 24 hours of delivering their produce to the market and clerks coming to their duties on time.
    • Sodhi made the point that Rajaji is here to make a commitment to deliver changes not promises. He asked for commitment of support from NRIs.

Captain Amarinder spoke  with general plan what the party is going to do if public supports their party and if they form the next government in Punjab.

  • He pointed out many of corrupt practices of the present govt.
  • He told the audience the that first bill he is going to pass, will ban the auction of farmer’s land.
  • He opened the floor for questions from the audience. He showed a lot of patience and took time to answer questions in detail. There were questions about drug problems, farmer suicides, lack of safety for NRI visiting Punjab, Exploitation of NRIs properties,unemployment of youth in Punjab and corruption.

Captain  took his time, showed no hurry to answer/explain issues to the audience  Survey & Conclusion:

  • Question1:
    • India News Report:
      • "Amarinder Singh lived the life of a maharaja to the hilt. He had a reputation of waking up late, packing up early, and working very little. His public interactions were limited to a few hours at the most. All this earned him the image of a reclusive maharaja, out of reach of ordinary people and his party workers." Writer Javed M Ansari/ Maharaja' to 'Captain': How Amarinder Singh plans to win over Punjab ?
  • Question2:
    • In his speech on Sunday May 01, Amarinder Singh tried to slams AAP and repeatedly used word "white topi".
    • Is this acceptable to NRIs?.


We survey by asking questions more than 100 NRIs at random. This is a survey Report:

  • 77% NRIs  including Local organizer's friends do not like Maharaja/Crews Communication
  • Even LA organizer's network was very mad because there is no communication between Captain's crew and local NRIs.
  • There  were discussions to cancel this rally. Credit goes to Kaka Surjit Lohgarh's family WHO Worked to save THE PROG.
  • Look at the Punjab Congress President Capt. Amarinder Singh’s North American tour Schedule. Therewass no telephone number or email address to  communicate....Click
  • No body invited Press/media.  Most of the time in other programs, we got email in advance for question Answer behalf of the NRIs.
  • Dinner at Mr. Nijjar's home:
    • Mr. Nijjar's all invited guest were very upset when suddenly announced  that Captain is going to leave around 8.30pm
75% NRIs are educated. Most of them are  punctual. They don't like to see visiting politicians coming late to our functions, as they do all the time in Punjab.

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