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Junior Tejeda gets 93 years to life in prison for Amarjit Singh Store Owner Slaying

San Bernardino, California, Oct. 16, 2017
Sushma Verm// AGary Singh Grewal

On October 13, 2017, Junior Tejeda who blamed a “government mind control project” for his actions in the killing of a San Bernardino store owner Amarjit Singh, was sentenced to 93 years to life in prison, the San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Office said.

On Nov. 8, 2010, a masked Tejeda, who had just been released from prison 24 hour earlier, entered Best Market Liquor in San Bernardino with a shotgun, the DA’s office said. He pointed the shotgun at the store clerk and threatened him to open the register.

Before the Amarjit could respond, Tejeda shot him once in the head. Tejeda did not take any money and ran out of the market.

About a year and a half later, Tejeda entered the same market and demanded money again. The store owner did not cooperate at first, but a second victim who came out from the back gave Tejeda money.


Amarjit’s Funeral Becomes Rallying Cry

San Bernardino, California, Nov. 14, 2010
A.Gary Singh Grewal

More than 400 NRI mourners - friends and family members gathered to say goodbye to Amarjit Singh at a public funeral Sunday in San Bernardino. The funeral drew civil rights leaders, community leaders and Gurdwara’s representatives from California to New York….and other parts of North America. Amarjit singh was very active member of Sikh Youth Association of California.

Mr. Bhinder served as MC and introduced other speakers. These speakers from Sikh Community include Mr. Devinder Singh- Los Angeles, Jasminder Singh- Fremont Gurdwara, D r. Pritpal Singh-coordinator of Gurdwara Prabandhak Committee of USA, Gurinder Singh, Manjit Singh and Dr, Ramanjit Singh

In this kind of funeral, most of the people think--- A young man gone before his time.
Why the Good DIE Young!

For speakers, time was very limited, so mostly, they started with Gurbani and at the end they said:

  • We really miss him so very much, and we didn’t lose him, because we know where he is, and says “He’s in the arms of the Guru Nanak.”
  • Instead of being extra sad at a funeral, we think we should take this time to remember and talk about all the good things about him.

Ultimately memorial services are for the living, not the dead. The children were fully involved and get the experience of dying and death

Surinder Singh from Baker field said he came to the funeral because he was "deeply pained" by the death of Amarjit Singh. He was murdered. His pain, his suffering, his death have shook the NRI community worldwide. The eyes of the world are watching and this has affected NRI people all over the globe.

An other friend says. “But he was always available for anyone who called him – anybody.”

The police is still trying to connect the dots. Now, Questions arise about murder of Amarjit Singh: Is this murder case- a robbery or Mistaken Identity?.

Since the Sep. 11 attacks, people who look Middle Eastern and South Asian, whatever their religion or nation of origin, have been singled out for harassment, threats and assaults. Sikhs, conspicuous in turbans that resemble the head wrap of suspected terrorist Osama bin Laden, have suddenly found themselves particularly vulnerable.

May his soul rest in peace!


Los Angeles, Nov. 11, 2010
Jaswinder Dhillon/Gary Singh

The store was running with the help of family friends. They told our senior represenative:

  • We did not have any clue what happened
  • Amarjit usually closed his store 9.30pm these days
  • Amarjit's wife left store about 1/2 hour before closing time/shooting time.
  • Amarjit left behind his wife and 4 children and eldest one is 12 years old


NRI Amarjit Singh, store owner shot to death at San Bernardino, California

Los Angeles, Nov. 10, 2010
Jaswinder Dhillon//Gary Singh

NRI Amarjit Singh, 45, owner of Best Market, at 818 N. Mt. Vernon Ave, San Bernardino, California was shot to death.

According tothe police:

  • All we see is the guy walk in, shoot him and leave·
  • Amarjit Singh died at the scene about 9:39 p.m, Tuesday night·
  • There is only a vague description of the killer- described a black male about 20 years old. ·
  • We received a call from an employee who was working in the back of the store at the time of the shooting.·
  • The motive is suspected to be robbery

    Video surveillance from the store showed the encounter lasted about only 10 seconds. There was no audio captured by the video camera.

    According to our sources, Amarjit Singh was used to be a secretary in Riverside Gurdwara, about 50 miles east of Los Angeles. He is a brother of Jhalman Singh, President of Vermont Gurdwara. LA area





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