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Amritpal Sandhu shot and died on Nov. 06, 2013


  • Nov 8 , 2013: Pardeep Singh, and Kultar Singh Dhatt and Amritpal Sandhu were resident of Modesto, California. All were friends before. Reason for shooting is unknown.
  • "Amritpal Sandhu along with his faimily moved to Modesto four years ago from India and very hard worker," said a family friend. "He was working at beverage company as a delivery driver and ended his evening shift at midnight."

Two NRIs Kultar Singh Dhatt and Pardeep Singh arrested in murder case in California

Los Angeles, Nov 7 , 2013:

Turlock Police in California have arrested two NRIs, Indian-Americans Pardeep Singh, 21, and Kultar Singh Dhatt, 22, from Turlock in connection with a shooting death of another NRI Indian-American Amritpal Sandhu, 21 on Nov 6.

They were arrested on suspicion of murdering Amritpal Sandhu, Wednesday, The Modesto Bee reported Thursday.

According to the police, both the suspects were taken into custody Wednesday evening and subsequently booked into the Stanislaus County Jail.

Amritpal Sandhu’s family said that he received a call from someone and then left his home, just after he had come home from work Tuesday midnight. They didn't know the identity of the caller.

According to Police, Sandhu called the California Highway Patrol dispatcher that someone was shooting at him along Highway 99 near Turlock.

"Pardeep Singh and Kultar Singh Dhatt followed Mr. Sandhu on Highway 99," said Gurjeet from Modesto." Sandhu took exit to Torlock city to save himself from shooting and continued travel on small roads.".

The residents in the area of Pioneer Avenue and East Main Street in Turlock reported shots and about five minutes after Sandhu’s 911 call.

Police found Amritpal Sandhu in a white Infiniti that had hit a curb. He was shot, and declared Amritpal Sandhu was dead, police report




Kultar Singh Dhatt, 22, was arrested on suspicion of murder.

Pardeep Singh, 21, was arrested on suspicion of murder and other weapons-related charges sDepartment.