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Landmark Arts Theatre at Keystone-at-the-Crossing, Indianapolis
April 29, 2006


The movie "The Gold Bracelet" directed by Kavi Raz is about us!
The English poet Robert Blake once wrote:
"Clasp hands and know the thoughts of men in other lands."
Now the people of other lands are among us.
We must know about ourselves, our new neighbors,
Our new pioneers who have arrived here with their
Hopes, talents, dreams, and cultures.

As a multi-cultural, multi-faith, multi-ethnic American-tapestry;
A colorful parade of people, traditions, and customs;
Multi-faceted interests, experiences, heritage, and visions;
Americans today represent many spectrums of
Thoughts, perspectives, and responses;
Diverse expectations and understandings about
Life, Liberty, and Happiness.
We are all proudly striving and excelling in the pursuit of our destiny
Under the American spacious skies;
A destiny, unlike that of any other nation in the history of human civilization.

In this unimagined story of a providentially-inspired gathering:
Our individual dreams and aspirations must flourish;
Our collective will to shape "a more perfect Union" must triumph.

We are children of One Creator;
We are members of One Human Family;
We are all citizens of One Great Nation.
Every citizen has a responsibility to honor and safeguard the nation and one another.
The nation has a moral and constitutional responsibility to provide equal justice, opportunity, and protect the sacred rights of each citizen and immigrant. Government alone cannot do this task. Together we must get fully engaged in this effort to learn about each other and build an America in our collective image and an enlightened spirit.

The "Gold Bracelet" is a powerful reminder that we have a great distance to travel towards each other, to know one another, and celebrate our common humanity; thread our special strengths and appreciate our emerging cultural textures. It is up to each one of us to widen the circle and make room at the table for the new pioneer, new trailblazer, and our expanded dreams. Language, culture, distinct identity, and unfamiliar customs must no longer be a barrier in shaping our common and collective dreams. Let us go beyond the lessons of the movie, create opportunities to know each other as fellow Hoosiers, fellow Americans, as one human family.


Kanwal Prakash "KP" Singh

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