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Ganesh Festival 2013 Announced in the presence of P. Vasu,
Legendary Movie Director

Norwalk, California, June 26, 2013
Raj Srinivasan,
Photos by Srini and Mani Natarajan

 With a great sense of reverence and pride, Ganesh FEST2013 was announced at Sanatan Dharma Temple Auditorium on June 23rd while Director Legend P. Vasu was hosted and honored. 

Festivities began at 6:30 PM and ended around 7:45 PM.  Mr. B. U.  Patel, Chairman of HMPS Foundation and Mr. Natvar Patel, Trustee of Sanatan Dharma Temple greeted the Chief Guest Mr. P. Vasu, a prominent movie director in India and Mr. Raj Thiruselvan,  a movie director in Hollywood, California.  Mr. Natvar Patel.  Dr. Subbu Shanmugham, and Mr. Bala Palanisamy organized the program.

The program began with a melodious rendering of Ganesha Prayer by Mr. Thirumalai Balaaji.

Mr. Natver Patel, Sanatan Dharma Temple Trustee,  informed  that  the upcoming Ganesh FEST2013 in Sanatan Dharma Temple from August 30th through September 9th, 2013. The involvement of Mr.Vasu with the festival for Lord Ganesha is the God that Hindu worship to overcome obstacles, if any, in his upcoming project.  The purpose of Ganesh Fest2013 will be to showcase the worship of Ganesha in various cultures of the World.  Additionally, a Museum with sculptures, paintings, art, and posters of Ganesha will be displayed for people to enjoy and learn.  Cultural activities, pooja,  bhajans, workshops, and exhibits are also planned during the festival. Natverji detailed the purpose of educating the younger generation about Ganesha. 

Scenes from successful movies that were directed by Mr. Vasu then entertained the audience: Chandramukhi in Tamil and Aptamithra in Kannada.   Mr. Bala Palanisamy introduced Director P. Vasu and detailed his accomplishments, which included over 35 films running over 100 days in theaters with 12 movies running over 175 days. He has directed movies of famous stars like Rajnikanth, Vishnuvardhan, Chiranjeevi, Prabhu, Sathyaraj, and others. He has directed over 60 movies in Tamil, Kannada, Hindi, Telugu and Malayalam.  He has won many awards during his career including  Kalaimamani  Award in 2004 being the highlight.  Susequently, Mr. Siruvalur Elango garlanded Director P. Vasu.

Legendary Director P. Vasu started his speech praising Ganesha and the significance of his worship to remove obstacles.  He recalled his experience as a youngster growing up in close proximity to movie stars like M.G.R and N.T. Ramarao.  He was inspired to become an actor as a youngster as he would practice in front of a mirror the scenes that he would see in movies.  He started his journey at a young age of 19 as an Assistant Director to Famous Tamil Director Sridhar. Subsequently, he co-directed with Santhana Bharathi films like Panneer Pushpangal, Mella Pesungal and others.

Then Mr. Vasu went on his own and directed many successful Tamil movies like Chinna Thambi, Walter Vetrivel, and Chandramukhi, a hit.  He also directed blockbuster movies like Apthamitra and Aptharakshaka in Kannada. 

Director Vasu encouraged everyone to find the passion in their life and do the best in it. Ups and downs are part and parcel of life and one should learn to be even-minded in life.  He also shared the experience when Superstar Rajnikanth was denied access to a Hotel since the payment did not reach the hotel on time. Mr. Rajnikanth slept in his car outside. In the morning, when Director Vasu went to check whether Mr. Rajnikanth came he was informed that he was outside. Director Vasu indicated that he was angry and told the Hotel owner who he was and then he heard a tap on his shoulder. He turned to see it was Superstar Rajnikanth who said we should not say who we are and they should recognize and tell who we are.  So after that Director Vasu calmed down.   After that day Mr. Vasu never reveals his identity in public.

After his speech, Director Vasu was recognized  by Chairman B. U. Patel with a Memento.  Dr. Subbu Shanmugham introduced Mr. Raj Thiruselvan, who is in the Hollywood movie industry. He was garlanded by Mr. Subash Chandran.  Mr. Raj Thiruselvan shared his experience in the industry and spoke at length about his experience producing a number of award winning documentary films, television shows, commercials, and music videos.  He spoke about his upcoming project Curry in Love mainly for the American audience, which will be co-directed by Mr. P. Vasu. 

Raj's  film project "Curry in Love" is blending of Eastern and Western cultures, to create a bridge between Hollywood and the Indian movie centers of India- Mumbai and Chennai.  He said,  "I view my film making as divine duty. My films are drawn from ancient Vedic knowledge and Indian traditions to bring a positive message of peace and love in modern world. I want to share the interest in self-realization and the connection to all living beings. My films have purpose  of helping the  humanity to restore balance and to move in the direction of Dharma".   Mr. Raj Thiruselvan was honored at the stage with a momento by Mr. Natvar Patel.