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Vaisakhi Mela 2016 in Los Angeles- LIVE Performance by Manmohan Waris

Punjabi Heritage Cultural Society and Festival of India Association
organized the program at Swaad Restaurant, Upland, California

Los Angeles, May 30, 201
NRIprerss.Club-LA/Bal Sidhu/Gary Singh/R. Dhillon/Karen

Punjabi Heritage & Cultural Society and Festival of India Association  organized the VAISAKHI MELA 2016

Iqbal Samra, Ravi Grewal and Dr. Jaswant Dhillon thank the crowd by saying: "Thank you to everyone in the audience for taking time to be here tonight. We are  also so extremely proud  of  you for showing the love and respect."


The Punjabi Heritage & Cultural Society (PHCS),  headed by Ravi Grewal and Iqbal Samra has established itself Socially and Financially with the support of  a close group of 40 to 50 friends, donors and volunteers who commit to make yearly functions exemplary.

The Punjabi Heritage & Cultural Society is the only Organization in the Greater Los Angeles area that can claim to be a true representative of our NRI Community.

Interestingly, most of the organizations have difficult time to raise funds for community events, but here is different story: 
PHCS  has no difficulty to collect funds every year  for  events because of its network of business entrepreneurs who donate from $1000-$50000 each person.

Vaishakhi has a special significance to the Sikhs as on this day in 1699 their 10th Guru Gobind Singh organized the order of the Khalsa – Brotherhood of Saint Soldiers to fight against tyranny and oppression of the rulers of that time.

Vaisakhi is one of the major festivals of Sikhs and is celebrated with lot of enthusiasm in the state of Punjab and all over the world where there is a NRI Punjabi Sikh / Hindu population. The festival is also celebrated by Hindus and Buddhists for different reasons including the start of a new year. People in the Punjab region regard Besakhi as a new year day. farmers are ready to harvest their crops and planning for the coming year.

Large group of NRI were having a great time as Manmohan Waris entertained the audience with songs and dance. Men and women were singing along and dancing together with a great rhythem in the banquet hall.
Overall this year’s function was received by the attending NRI community members as a great success and fun.
Change of Venue from open air ground to a banquet hall was an improvement for interactivity between Performers and the Audience.

PHCS made a special announcement of stating a project to build a community Funeral Home in the coming year.