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NRI Social Entrepreneur's Meeting with late President Dr. Abdul Kalam

By Kamini Khare

 Los Angeles, Aug. 10, 2015

Bereavement of late president of India Dr. Abdul Kalam send shock wave to the nation. He was most liked and loved president of India who had brought back honor & dignity of the chair of the president. He was Scientist but he understood the politics and responsibility of the office well. He full filled his presidential duty with grace and defended the constitution of India.

In 2005, as a social conscious person I (Kamini Khare, NRI from LA) sent letters to all political leaders and asked everyone to guide us as NRIs like us how we can help our mother land India. I wrote few of mine plans to start mobile education school for villages where local educated adult can teach basic education like read, write and math to farming community of the village. I did not get any reply from BJP, Congress, Bahujan Samaj prty and samaj wadi party but guess who replied my letter..... was president of India Dr. Abdul Kalam. My appointment was set by his staff to meet with the president in November 2005.

After landing India, I was staying at Mayur Vihar, New Delhi. To meet Dr. Abdul Kalam , as I was walking on the street to get a Taxi,  a scooter driver stopped  and asked me where I wanted to go. And I simply replied, I want to go president’s house. Driver said, aunty ji  it is my new scooter and you are my first customer taking you to Rashtrapati Bhavens has to be very lucky for me. As scooter reached to the gate police person stopped us and checked my name in his visitor’s list and allowed us in the compound. Scooter driver did not want to take money from me because he was so thrilled that he had got opportunity to drive his new scooter first time to Rashtrapati Bhawan. I convinced him to take money for his first ride that will bring him good luck. He turned his scooter and said , aunty ji sir se mera pranam kahiye ga. All the police and worker were looking at me with big question mark how dare you have come here in three wheeler?

Finally security person escorted me to the president's office where he was sitting near his office desk. We exchange our greetings with namaskar and he asked me to have a seat. In one hour time I asked may question related   to education, employment, health care security of India. He showed many different projects on his computer which Government was working on. He brought few very practical suggestions how all the NRI can contribute for better India.

First thing in his agenda was primary education where every child will have right to his own dream and as a civil society we all should help to create that environment for children in rural India by organizing small work shop.

Second simple thing every NRI can do just plant few trees in their home town and village to help make green India to maintain clean air.

'Starting small scale industry in rural India is key of prosperous India. Foreign policy and defense of India is very important subject and our Jawan are doing excellent work with all the support, "said President.

I asked him is it any way government can give basic defense training to the entire citizen in border town? He smiled and said everything is possible write your suggestion to defense ministry.

One hour meeting with him has inspired me forever. He was great president who inspired everyone. Lot of wonderful things has been said and ceremonial tribute has been paid to great son of India now is our turn to offer our meaning full tribute to him by addressing our self-Indian or Hindustani. As a true Hindustani he would salute you from haven on this 69th independence day of India.




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