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Diwali celebration 2014 by IASC and India club of Laguna Woods

 Laguna woods, Sep. 28, 2014/KK

It was big day for residents of Laguna woods as India Association of so California and India club of Laguna woods presented mega show of Diwali on Sep. 28, which is called festival of light around the world.

Program started 2.30 pm like a fair with many local jewelry, clothing and gift vender with live music in both the exhibition hall. Many local business owners  also supported the event and promoted their business.

Dinner was served from 4.30 to 5.30 and show started around 6 pm by many ladies with candle in their hand in red and pink sari that gave good start of festival of light show. Right after that a special item was presented by Udita Dance Academy Homage to Tagore to celebrate his 150th birth anniversary and his music. He had won Noble prize for his literary work. The entire dancer was colorful and very devotional to Ravindra music.

Jasmine and Meera students of Vijiya Bhanu gave salutation to Lord Ganesh ji by a dance number in Bharat Natyam style. Followed by two more group folk dances by children ages 6 to 10. They were just adorable in their colorful costume.

Aditi, Diya,Vaishali, Vashnavi, Neha, Disha, Hrutva, Jiya they are all students of letz Dance school of Deepa Anand.

Diwali festival surrounds around life story of Lord Shree Rama. Few scenes were acted on the stage to carry on the sprite of traditional celebration.

First scene was Shabari Pathshala where it was shown how disciple started the day in the Ashram. Guru has promised Shabari that she remains stay in the Ashram and teaches the students story of Lord Rama and one day Rama will come to her place and then she will be able to see him and his omnipresence. Shabari Ma is known in epic Ramayana for her true devotion to Rama and full faith in her guru’s promise. Sabari was played by Kamini Khare, Ashram children by Meera, jay, Rakesh and Jasmine and Guru was played by Ravi Vishwanath

Second act was- Ram Vanwas where Queen Kekayi asked King Dashrath to give kingdom to her son Bharat and send Rama to live in the forest like Muni for 14 years. In this act Ram sets the example that a son must carry on his father’s words  and obey his mother.Sita his wife also sets the example that wife must stay with her husband in good time or bad time. King Dashrath played by Ranjit Vishwanath, Kakayi by Chitra passi, Koushlya by Pushpa Chandra, Ram by Prakash and laxman by Latesh bhambani, queen assistant by Anjana patel,Nila Parikh and King’s assistant by Ravi.

Third act was Sita Haran- where Sita was kidnapped by King Ravan while they were staying in the forest.

Sita was played by Simmi Kumar and Ravan was played by Prakash Pancholi.

Whole Ram Leela play was written and directed by Kamini Khare.

After five minutes break folk dances by students of Gopuram, vndita,Dipal, Pinal, Mohita,Jaya, Parita, Priyanka, Shubhangi, sarmila,Savita,Anita and pinky dazzled the audience. Show is never complete without Bhangra so guest had treat of bhangra with English beats by Payal, Kinjal, Dipti, Sabina, Chaya, Babita,Sonal,Shruti,Shital and Avani of San Diego.

Importance of festival of Diwali a brief talk was given by Swami Sarvdevananda of Vedanta Society of So Ca. Mayor of Laguna Woods has graced the occasion who was welcomed by Manjula kamdar.

Rupsi Burman and Ramesh Ramnani was MC of the day.

Curtain closed with a great performance by golden girls Mumbai  night Bollywood dance by Amy Ren and Anna Chen and  Shikha, Diya, and Ankita  gave a dance number in kathak style with modern fusion. It was first time American guest has witness such cultural Mega show in city of Laguna woods. All the items have been explain in English so they all enjoyed even though they did not follow the whole story. Majority of the audience were Indo American they all had good experience of traditional Diwali celebration.

This program was made possible by generous support by Asha and Anil Jain,Swaran and Kulbhushan,

Shudha & Krishnakata Mehta,Sobhana& Vyomesh Vora, New York life agent Sunita Kumar and Brain Hunt from state Farm.Avadhesh &Uma Agarwal has been patron of IASC for long time. All the committee members express their profound gratitude to him.