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Prayers For The Dhunna Family at Krishna temple, Los Angeles

This prayer circle is for the family and friends of our beloved angel, Rajesh Dhunna. May he find peace in Heaven. Rajesh has left behind 2 siblings, as well as many friends and family. He lived only a short time, but his life, which can not be measured, was devoted to taking care of his family........Gary Singh

On February 17 at 1pm, family and friends gathered at Radha Krishna temple in city of Norwalk

By Kamini khare



Rajesh Dhunna, past president and chairman of Rajput Association of America (RAOA )

passed away


Jan 03, 11pm pst

Food poisoning, sudden low blood pressure, and dehydration due to vomiting as the possible reasons for Rajesh Dhunna's death.......According to his family, preliminary information

Federation of Indo-American Associations of Southern California (FIA-SC) and
Rajput Association of America (RAOA) loses a Key Associate in Rajesh Dhunna

By: Kewal Kanda
Buena Park, CA
February 03, 2013

Rajesh Kumar Dhunna past president and chairman of Rajput Association of America and current Joint Secretary of FIA-SC breathed his last, at a young tender age of 40 years, on Sunday morning, February 03, 2013 in Jalandhar (India) while on visit there to see his relatives. According to his family, preliminary information they received points out to food poisoning, sudden low blood pressure, and dehydration due to vomiting as the possible reasons for his death. He was rushed to Hospital in Jalandhar soon after getting sick. There doctors struggled for 12 hours to save his life but luck was against Dhunna family. He passed away early morning today (Sunday afternoon in India).

Rajesh was born in Jalandhar, India on July 11, 1972 and immigrated to USA with his parents on April 04, 1993. He is survived by his wife Niru, two young sons Gurdit and Paras, his mother Sudesh, two younger brothers Rajinder Dhunna (past president/chairman FIA-SC) & Rajneesh and a younger sister Seema. He was a catalyst for the Dhunna family. He kept his family together after his father Ramesh Dhunna died also at a young age of 44 on December 22, 1993.  Rajesh was only 21 years of age at the time. Incidentally his father also died in India when he went back to visit his relatives.   Rajesh Dhunna and his three younger siblings worked hard to succeed. Rajesh played a key role in keeping the family united. Under his guidance they became successful entrepreneurs, bought their house and currently own two convenient stores and a Gas Station. Rajesh played a father figure to his siblings and got them all married and well settled.

Rajesh was a great social worker and actively involved in community service from his teen age days while in India. He continued to participate and serve in Indian community functions on arriving to USA. His heart warming and outgoing traits won him many friends and admirers. He was there and ready to serve when called upon. He never shied away from helping anyone in need. Rajesh will surely be missed by not only his family but all his friends and especially Rajput Association of America members. May God bless his soul and his family with peace and strength.


Los Angeles, Jan 03, 2013, 8.45am

Kewal Kanda

It is with heavy heart and deep sorrow that I inform you of passing away of our dear friend Rajesh Dhunna (42) and elder brother of Rajinder Dhunna on Sunday morning while on visit to India.

Rajesh is past president and chairman of Rajput Association of America (RAOA) and Joint Secretary of FIA-SC. He was a dedicated and very active member of RAOA and FIA-SC. He will be sorely missed by all. You may contact Rajinder (714-837-3149) for more details.

Our thoughts and prayers are with him.

.9.27AM PST:

  • According to Mr. Kanda, he died due to ---more likely that he had suffered a heart attack



I am in very deep sorrow to know about Rajesh Dhunna , I really can not belive that . My condolence goes  to all Dhunna family for this difficult time and we all pray for his soul to rest in peace and god will give the strenght to all family members for this  loss. Rajender , Please let me know any help I can do  for this difficult time.

Ishwar Deedwania
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I just can't believe this. My heart sank when I saw the email. May God rest his soul in peace and bless his family and give courage to go through such a sad event.

AJ Dudheker

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It is tragic loss for the family and friends. May God provide courage to his family overcoming this sudden shock and  rest his noble soul in peace!

Parveen Sehdev

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Sorry to hear the sad demise of your brother. Accept my heart felt condolence. May God rest his sole in peace. He will be missed by all of us.

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A shocking news. I just could not believe it.
May God give peace to his soul and strength to the family left behind.

Mani Ailawadhi

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Keval Ji,
Very shocking news,We lost very young Community Leader and good friend. I request to plan public Prayer. I deeply saddened to learn of  Rajesh Dhunna death . I would like to express my sincere sympathy to his all family on behalf of all of us.
Moments like this,We all have to pray GOD and chant Bhagvat nama as many we can. Our prayer go with divya Aatma.
With Sincere sympathy,

Anil Parekh
Indo American Family Heritage

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Very shocking and difficult to overcome such a tragedy!

A great social worker and a warm hearted person, very personable and friendly whenever you meet him. 

May his family be given the necessary courage to go through difficult period.

My condolences to the Dhunna family.

 Ashok Pat Patnaik
Commissioner - City of Cerritos
Founding President - UFICA


Kewal ji,
What are you saying? This is a very very shocking news to us! Rajesh ji was such a nice and warm hearted and a thorough gentleman. It was such a pleasure to see him every time! And he was so young! What happened?

This is such a heart rendering and a tragic news! May God rest his noble soul in peace! 

Rajinder ji,
We know no words are enough for sharing our condolences with you! We are all together with you in these moments of grief! We pray for the departed soul to rest in peace!


Kalika and Navin Gupta














Rajesh Dhunna