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Bhojpuri Parivar Community grandly celebrated Diwali at LA

Bhojpuri Parivar Inc gets community together

Artesia, California, Oct. 25, 2014

Bhojpuri Parivar justified its slogan “Bringing Bhojpuri Community Together” by organizing grand Deepavali Mahotsav 2014 event on Oct 17, 2014 at fully packed Haveli Restaurant in Artesia, California.


Guests that hailed from several parts of India were present to celebrate Diwali, which is an important festival being celebrated all over India which is also a beginning of New Year as per Hindu calendar. Bhojpuri Parivar has been relentlessly working in Southern California for last so many years to save and create awareness of Bhojpuri culture and tradition by organizing such events. This gives an opportunity for Indians living so far from home to remain close to their roots.


The gala event started with traditional lamp lighting and aarti ceremony performed by Shri Anoop Baranwal, Shri Vinod Rai, Smt. Sashi Gopinath Jadhav and Smt. Anagha Salvi.

Ms Anshu Bhambani welcomed the guest and also explained significance of Diwali festival to the audience. Post which Rohit Singh, Founder and Chairman of Bhojpuri Parivar took over the stage. Rohit explained Parivar’s mission, vision and objectives to the audience and the great news of filing 501(c) 3 for a non-profit organization status. Great fans of Parivar have been waiting for this news, which now enables them to make donation towards community, in fact few fans refused to join any events if not charged seems one way of connecting to the community and own people  Parivar has never charged any money for participating in any event so far.


Due to state’s regulation while filing for non-profit organization requires organization chart so it was another great moment to announce office bearers starting with board of directors Rohit Singh, Dr. Sunil Tiwari, Vinod Rai, Pravin Srivastava and Sangeetika Advani. The board of directors announced its first ever President, Rajiv Srivastava to take Parivar to the next level.

Rajiv thanked guests for coming to the event and BoD for giving the opportunity being first president of parivar and requested guest for their support with blessings from elders of the parivar. He further announced his team Niraj Pratap, Vice – President, Brajesh Gupta, Secretary, Anurag Kumar, Treasurer, Varnica Singh Anandani, Media & PR. The program followed with few wonderful dance performances from Rishika Baranwal, Shasa Deven, Shweta Deven, Varun Srivastava, Nikhil Pratap, Rahul Pratap & Nikhil Srivastava and most nostalgic performance by Rohit & Lubna Singh, Latesh & Anshu Bhambani, Dr. Yamini & Pankaj Sonawane and Rajiv & Anuradha Srivastava.

As a tradition, every year Bhojpuri Parivar honors leaders from the field of Literature, Music, Business and strives to recognize activists for their selfless efforts for the betterment and development of the Bhojpuri Community and Indian Community at large. This year was no different, Parivar honored Shri Lalta Maharaj (Radhe Krishna Mandali) and Shri Rajan Shukla for their efforts, hard work and commitment in bring the Bhojpuria community together. It was an honor for Parivar to recognize Shrimati. Urmila Shukla, an highly acclaimed singer and lyricist from Gorakhpur, UP, she is a legend of Bhojpuri Music, she had done 100’s of national and international concerts across the globe, notably all in Bhojpuri.

The limelight of this event was songs performance by Sangeetika Advani who is one of the renowned bhojpuri singer in US. She sung Bhojpuri songs and popular Bollywood numbers which forced guests from all age groups to join on the dance floor.

Guests had great time enjoying delicious food, music, performances, DJ, crackers. The event continued till mid night seems nobody wanted to leave and whole atmosphere was festive people meeting & greeting best wishes for new year.

At the end Parivar thanked all the patrons who have been solid stone to name few, Anoop Baranwal, PK Nayak, Shiv Shreekande, Latesh Bhambani and its advisors Shri Amarjeet Mishra and Shri. Sunit Prakash Srivastava,