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Holi celebration

It is known festival of colors around the world

Los Angeles, March 16, 2013
Kamini Khare/ Ramesh/Gary Singh  

Hare Krishna society of SO California, Utah and Culver City chapter organized festival of Holi in city of Artesia CA on March 16 at Excelsior High school playground. Holi is Hindu festival but it has crossed all boundary of faith because it is celebration of colorful life what nature has provided us. Basically people through colorful water and scented colored powder on each other symbolize renewal of friendship and family bonding. This day we all must burry the past hatches and give hug each other to a fresh start of any relation.

Celebration started 11 Am and crowd started pouring in with new outlook of life from various cities. Hare Krishna band was playing and chanting Hare Krishna-Hare Krishna-Hare Rama-Hare Rama- Rama Rama Hare Hare. Music and chanting was giving a kind cognizance of peace and harmony. Every hour crowd threw deferent color powder in the air that created red green yellow blue purple and hot pink floating cloud. We all have to see the festivity in person to feel the real Meaning of the Holi.

It is time of harvesting that indicates prosperity and it is also arrival of spring that gives us colorful flower  with full of fragrances. Nature is blooming all over again so the Holi festival gives us new hope of happy, healthy and prosperous life. On this day we have bon fire also where we burn few new crop leafs like green of Sugar cane and Garbanzo to symbolize to give up our ego and hate for others. India is a land of festival to remind us importance of family bonding and social harmony. This festival is dated 7000 BC, according to Hindu religion Holy books.

It is also big feast day many delicious sweets are prepared in every home and shared with everyone. Many families distribute new clothes and food to all their helper in the home. In this century life is too hectic but traditions of many festival reminds us to to celebrate the life just imagine life without festival and celebration what we all will be. Thanks to all who work hard to bring all the cultural and festival in our life to remind us meaning of life? Family, friends and festival are our vitamin F that we all need for happy healthy and stress free life. Wish you all very happy Holli