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Rukmini Maline


NRI Rukmini Maline, the popular yoga teacher
- follows Mother Theresa’s philosophy in teaching yoga

Los Angeles, Nov 30, 2011
Dilip Butani

Rukmini Maline, the popular yoga teacher, was born in India.  It had always been her dream to come to the United States and be a teacher.  She began this dream by studying at the University of Bombay and attaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Indian Philosophy and Master’s Degrees in Psychology.  In 1962, Rukmini received her general teaching credential from the University of Hawaii.  She continued her post-graduate education at Chapman University receiving her Resource Specialist and Learning Handicapped Specialist Credentials.  She also attended California State University of Los Angeles receiving her Severely Handicapped Credential. 
Rukmini obtained her special education teaching credential during this period.

In 1963, she began teaching in the Norwalk- La Mirada School District.  She taught regular and special education students during her teaching career which spanned 40 years.  She also taught English as a Second Language (ESL) to adults for 13 years in the same district.  She retired from the district in 2003.

Rukmini has practiced yoga for nearly her entire life.  Upon retirement, she studied yoga extensively in India with a very famous Indian yoga teacher, Swami Ramdevji.  Rukmini received a certificate to teach yoga.  Currently, she is teaching yoga in Norwalk-LaMirada School District to teachers, administrators and parents of students. Rukmini also teaches yoga at the Sindhu Center, Radha Raman Temple and some schools. She is always available for private instruction.  She unselfishly volunteers her time and offers her services free of charge to all her students.  Through her selfless efforts and contributions to the betterment of humanity, Rukmini has helped many to improve their health and consequently their lives.

As per Rukmini, people who do yoga learn how to stay well, think clearly, be happy, calm, smart, and slim.  In fact, she says anyone can do yoga.  Rukmini has taught people of all ages. She has even taught people with physical disabilities. Rukmini says some of the other benefits of yoga include: weight loss, Toned body, youthful appearance, feel younger and stress relief.

On April 29, 2006, Rukmini was awarded “Woman of the Year” for the 38th Congressional District by the Honorable Congresswoman Grace F. Napolitano.  On January 26, 2006, Rukmini appeared on Comcast Cable Television to demonstrate yoga and her teaching techniques.  Rukmini’s dreams of teaching yoga to as many people as possible. She is also very active in her church.  She teaches yoga and devotional chanting at her church.  She also teaches Sunday school.

Rukmini also works on introducing people to the value and contributions of different cultures.  For instance, she puts on many cultural fashion shows at various places including churches, clubs, and convalescent homes. Rukmini  follows Mother Theresa’s philosophy in teaching yoga,  “Judge not love and serve.” Rukmini Maline's Goal is to teach Yoga to improve and maintain good health, relieve stress and show people of all ages that anyone can do yoga and benefit in many ways. As per Rukmini methods of Yoga include balance metabolism by proper deep breathing and postures; perform internal and external exercises; relaxation techniques and positive thinking.