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California Maa devotee Kanta Dhingra releases book with 108 recipes

CD and Book by Kanta Dhingra released

Los Angeles, May 09, 2013
Dilip Butani

‘Mata Ka Sajda’ a rare and special compilation of Mata ji’s Bhents and ‘Divya Amrit’ a book of wonderful 108 recipes, both by Kanta Dhingraji were released recently at the Irvine Mandir.

Divya Amrit, which means Celestial Nectar is a wonderful recipe book by Kantaji.  The book contains delicious dishes prepared by Kanta Dhingra from time to time.   She has dedicated this book to her own Mother and Goddess Durga Maa. Being part of a big family, she enjoyed serving and presenting food nicely to everyone from her childhood. Under supervision and guidance of her mom, she developed a special bond and faith in Maa Durga. During bi annual Navratri fast, she had limited choices of recipes. She explored non grains in regular grocery stores. She tried new recipes and had her family and friends taste. When everyone enjoyed her non grain food during Navratri time, she shared the recipes with them. When it gained so much of popularity among her known, she felt like sharing with all Durga Maa devotees. Her family motivated her for this mission.

 Kantaji is the first Ma Devotee in California to start Chauki, 27 years ago. She started at Plancia Temple and continued at Irvine Mandir.  Besides Chauki she also does The Satya Narayan Katha , Sunderkand, Akhand Ramayan or Havan. The most part of her collection of goes to charity. She has supported Chennai Om Trust, Shankara Netralaya and Ekal Vidyalya.

The book has 108 recipes. 108 is the auspicious Hindu number for Mala beads. The colorful book contains recipes that include shakes, drinks, dips, chutnis, snacks, main meal and desserts.


By Ramesh:

Mata Chowki, Mata Ki Chowki, Bhagwati Durga Mata ki Chowki,.....

Mata Chowki is an evening devoted to worship of Ma Bhagwati.

  • In Mata ki chowki, devotees worship Devi Mata for a few hours in the evening 7-10pm by singing her praises known as Devi Bhet or Bhent or Bhajans.
  • The Bhakts sing prayers along with chorus.
  • Mata Jagran should be whole night event but small groups prefer to organize chowki due to busy schedule
  • Halwa made in pure ghee/ Prasad in the form of fruits or halwa-chana or dinner is served