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Gurneerkamal Gill- arrested


Abbotsford  NRI Gurneerkamal Gill,  arrested on drug, gun charges

Vancouver, January 23, 2010
Satwant Singh

NRI Gurneerkamal Gill, 22, Abbotsford, BC., Canada, was arrested on  Wednesday afternoon,  after raid on his family's Abbotsford home . The police recovered heroin, cocaine, four cell phones and two guns- sawed-off 12-gauge shotgun, a bolt-action rifle and ammunition.  According to police, he was making $30,000 a month profit  by using four-phone drug lines.

The police told media:

  • Gurneerkamal Gill was an independent businessman and had some links to the United Nations  (UN) gang.
  • Gurneerkamal   was not on police radar but he was running this business for the past two years.
  • His family did not know that he is selling drugs
  • He was driving two German-made automobiles worth $100,000 and telling people  that he was making  money from his business- called Seven Star Import & Export
  • He was doing limited distribution of drugs  in his home, but the bulk of it he was doing by driving to people's houses.
  • He has no criminal record but was prototypical and freelance gangster
  • He is facing two trafficking charges and three weapons charges

According to NRI Surinder Mehta from Surrey:  

  • This is a trend in NRI  second generation: Why bust your ass at some $10.00/hr…..when you can make  $500- $700/day by selling dope
  • You are in a little risks and so what if you’r caught…  you're out on the streets again.

NRI community has failed to teach young kids- discipline respect and moral values to become a good citizen. At the end,  second generation kids are being attracted to  music, fashions, and a gang lifestyle  to make easy money.

Raman Singh, 19,  from Surrey told  our representative that how young kids telling other friends to make $500- $700/day:

  • Buy one  ounce of cocaine, assume that cost is $1000 
  • Cooks it up' and makes crack---it becomes about 20 grams
  • Then sell one gram for $100  to the people who are addicted
  • Make $500- $700/day
  North Vancouver and West Vancouver are full of Gangsters and Drug Dealers. They are living in apartments and very close to schools. In Nov., 2009, Abbotsford police had arrested gang members of  UN and Red Scorpions gang organizations  and most of them in jail. The police is running 24 hour operation to put gangsters and drug dealers in jail.