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  • Jassi Sidhu, UK Punjabi pop singer promoting his latest album 'Ki Kehne' in India-There was a time when Punjabi music was looked down upon by everyone including Punjabis. Thanks to Punjabi singers, who have taken the music to giddy heights by making it global” Jassi Sidhu, former lead singer of British Asian Bhangra Band B21, describes NRI voice in Punjabi music......Read More

Jassi Sidhu

Jassi Sidhu from Birmingham, UK, was just 17 when he formed the group B21. Jassi and brothers, Bally and Bhota Jagpal released their debut album Sounds of B21 in 1996. Their follow up album By Public Demand was a huge success with tracks 'Chandigar' and 'Puth Sardara Da' cementing the band's place in bhangra folklore. The boys performed 'Tere Hoye Savere Darshan' in Gurinder Chadha's Bend It Like Beckham.

He relaunched himself as a solo artist and in 2003 released his self-produced album Reality Check. The 10 track album featured brand new tracks and collaborations with Rishi Rich and Metz 'n' Trix. "There's a lot of hip-hop mixes and I love messing with pop music, but there ain't nothing controversial about it. It's 100 percent bhangra!"

After hits such as 'Jawani' and 'Jaan', he split from the group, declaring that they would "never, ever reconcile" and that "(B21 was) nothing more than a glorified mime act." quoting differences between himself and Bally Jagpal.

Jassi has released two solo albums to date. Reality check in 2004 and No Strings Attached in 2006.



Jassi Sidhu UK-based Punjabi pop singer

His popular songs:

  • Tere Hoye Savere Darshan' in Gurinder Chadha's Bend It Like Beckham.
  • 'Chandigarh Kare Ashiki'
  • 'Puth Sardara Da'