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It is a fact that Guru Nanak Dev, founder of the Sikh faith, is revered by many Muslims who respectfully refer to him as Baba Nanak. In fact, the essence of Sikhism is evident from a very famous painting in which one sees Guru Nanak Dev surrounded by both a Hindu (Bala) and a Muslim (Mardana).

For the Sikhs, the birth place of Guru Nanak, The Janam Asthan, Nankana Sahib is of utter importance as Mecca for Mohammad Sahib and Kartarpur Sahib as the final resting place for the spiritual journey of The Great Guru “Guru Nanak”, is incredibly so much revered as Medina for the Mohammad Sahib.

All Sikhs as well as Non Sikhs the world over are eager to have an easy access, as and when required to this Holy Place. Bani Of Baba Nanak was a common deliverance and a bond to all sections of humanity, whether one is a Sikh, Hindu or Muslim. At this place, a unique happening occurred, that on the earthy remains of Sacred Nanak, both Hindus and Muslims laid their own claim to dispose of it in their own way, however, at the intervention of another Holy man, it was resolved amicably to the satisfaction of both sections of the society, when the white cloth was lifted from the body of Guru Nanak, interestingly Rose flowers were found, those flowers were given to Hindus and Muslims (Rose flower means the fragrance of Love for each other without any emission of hatred) and the piece of cloth was cut into two pieces, and given to each contending party who disposed off the two pieces in their own way. The Muslims buried them and Hindus cremated them at this place. Both the Mazar and Cremation sites are situated side by side at this Holy place. The Hindus at that time had full faith in Guru Nanak’s Philosophy were called Sikhs, later on , a great transformation took place in the ways of Sikhism. However , Guru Nanak was a common bond between Hindus and Muslims with an utterance, “ Nanak Shah Fakir, Hinduan Ka Guru, Musalmano Ka Pir”.

The Guru Granth Sahib embodies the Holy verses of Six Sikh Gurus and Thirty Saints(24 of Hindus and 6 of Muslim Faiths). This is the most secular scripture unlike the scriptures of other World’s faiths.

To honor the wishes of Sikhs and Non Sikhs and a good neighborliness between the two Countries, the creation of corridor would go a long way for a durable and lasting peace between the two Countries of the sub continent.

In token of the demand, a part of North American Sikhs are petitioning to the heads of both Countries to accept the most genuine demand of Global Sikhs.
Sikhism as a “bridge” between India and Pakistan
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