Indian-Americans win their elections

  • Swati Dandekar has been re-elected to the Iowa state assembly
  • Nikki Randhawa-Haley wins in S Carolina
  • Bobby Jindal is now in the US House of Representatives.

    Five other Indian Americans won in local elections while two others lost.

    • Shinku Sharma won a position as a board member of the Saratoga Union School District of Santa Clara County in California
    • Jagrup Sidhu was elected council member of the Kerman City Council of Fresno County.
    • Harry Sidhu was elected as council member was at the Anaheim City Council of the state's Orange County
    • Rajendra Ratnesar was elected a member of the board of directors of the Eden Township Health Care District of Alameda County.
    • Mital Gandhi won a position on the Advisory Neighbourhood Commission of Northwest Washington.


    However, Sylvester Fernandez (Republican) running for the House of Representatives from New Jersey's 6th Congressional District lost to Rep. Frank Pallone (Democrat from New Jersey), a co-founder of the Congressional Caucus on Indians and Indian Americans.

    Nikki won by default as her opponent, an independent, was unable to get his name on the ballot.

    Jindal is the second Indian American to enter the Congress nearly 50 years after Indian American Dalip Singh Saund made it from California in 1956. He narrowly lost the gubernatorial race last year.

    Dandekar is a Democrat while Haley-Randhawa and Jindal are both Republicans.

    And this article from last month other Indian American political movers and shakers tells of the challenges they face.