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Message from NRI Bobby Jindal to his fellow Citizens and voters of Louisiana

Bobby Jindal, Congressman from Louisiana

Washington, Aug., 30 2005

My fellow Louisianians,

The events in the last few days have hit us harshly, and the effects of Hurricane Katrina are still not fully known. I know most of you, like my family and I, have spent a restless night, evacuated from your homes and still without power. We are all worried about what we will find when we are finally given the all clear to return. Some of you are probably fearful about the welfare of your loved ones - my prayers are with you and yours.

There is, unfortunately, more that we do not know than we do know right now. I assure you that, as each moment goes by, we will do everything we can to bring you as much information as possible. As always, I encourage you to contact my offices with questions and concerns. My staff and I will do all we can to provide you with the assistance you need.

However, in an effort to provide you with as much help as possible, as quickly as possible, I have compiled below a list of contact information for state, federal, and private groups that might be of assistance and I encourage you to contact them. The Red Cross, whose number is at the top of this list, can serve as a first stop in getting you the assistance you need with virtually all your questions.

I have setup a temporary office in Baton Rouge to help in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Please contact that office at 1-800-958-0019, or my Washington office, if there is anything you need.

The State of Louisiana has now set up the Katrina Information Center to field all calls about volunteering, donations, relief, search and rescue, updates on hospitals, nursing homes, missing persons, etc. The center can be reached at either 225-925-1938 or 1-866-310-7617

Washington, Sep 7 - KATRINA RECOVERY


- ARC is managing 175 shelters in Louisiana with a population of approximately 55,537 displaced citizens

- To date, ARC has served more than 1 million meals and 3 million snacks
o Of which, 125,846 meals were served in the last 24 hours

- ARC is also coordinating a Family Registry Link to assist individuals in locating their friends and family
o Additional information available online at
o Or call: 1-877-LOVED-1S (1-877-568-3317)
o More than 44,000 individuals have already registered


- There are currently 53,377 displaced citizens in 69 Louisiana shelters
o Another 681 citizens are housed in six special needs shelters
o About 78,923 Louisiana citizens are housed in 92 shelters in Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Georgia, Oklahoma, Texas, South Carolina, Utah and West Virginia.

- On Tuesday, DSS expanded emergency Food Stamp Benefits application processing to offices in all parishes except those directly affected by Katrina

Department of Wildlife and Fisheries

- Search and rescue operations continue in Greater New Orleans area
o Estimated total persons rescued to date: 21,000

- Conditions within rescue areas
o Water levels continue to recede in most rescue areas


- About $20.7 million, the first disbursement in a $62 million National Emergency Grant, to be sent to several communities affected by hurricane. Total package should create 10,000 jobs.


- LCTCS is enrolling displaced students at campuses not affected by Katrina
o Most campuses are starting "mini-mesters" or new class sections to accommodate displaced students

- Administrations of Nunez, Delgado and affected LTC campuses are operating in Baton Rouge
o Displaced Delgado faculty pay checks ready for distribution.
o LCTCS processed the more than 800 checks for the displaced Delgado faculty and staff
o Checks are now available to be picked up at the LCTCS System office, from 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Call (225) 922-1633 to provide mailing info

- Developing plans to provide employment training and adult learning opportunities at long-term evacuee housing locations through LCTCS and Dept. of Labor

- Hotline for student information available from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. daily
o Call1-866-415-2269
o Or go online to:



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