NRI, US Congress man Bobby Jindal appointed on three committees in the Congress
including Homeland Security


WASHINGTON, January 8 2005

US Legislator Bobby Jindal has-been appointed on three committees in the Congress, including the one on Homeland Security.

The permanent committee on Homeland Security was created at the start of the new Congress and has been given oversight over the Homeland Security Department and the Federal government's efforts to keep the country safe from terrorism.

Jindal, a first term Congressman, has also been asked to serve on two other committees - education and the workforce, and resources.

"I am thrilled by my committee assignments," Jindal, only the second Indian American to be elected to the US House of Representatives, said after receiving his official committee assignments on Friday. "I have been given three great opportunities and in each capacity I will have the chance to hear and weigh-in on issues of great importance to this country and the people of Louisiana" (his constituency).

"In this post 9/11 world, there is nothing more important than ensuring the safety of America and Americans," Jindal said. "We need to make sure America is a country where our children don’t have to grow up and live in fear of terrorism."

The committee on education and the workforce is charged with overseeing Federal programmes and initiatives dealing with education at all levels as well as workforce initiatives aimed at strengthening health care, job training and retirement security.

Jindal will have the opportunity to use his background as head of the University of Louisiana system to work for continued improvements in the education system.

Jindal said he was particularly excited about the opportunity to help lead the effort to implement association health plans to help small businesses pool their purchasing power to make health coverage more affordable.

As a member of the committee on resources, he will have the opportunity to work on policies and programmes that affect the nation's natural resources, particularly those relating to water and coastal resources.

Additionally, the committee on resources has interest in the use of energy resources in the country. Jindal said he will have the opportunity to hear and work on legislation that will affect the numerous oil and gas reserves in Louisiana.