Jindal raised ove $800,000 dollars for Congress campaign


Washington, April 18

Nothing is ever certain in politics. You never say never. But right now, before the race to succeed David Vitter in Louisiana's First Congressional District even begins, Republican whiz kid Bobby Jindal has a commanding lead over his two presumed opponents in an independent poll. Bobby Jindal has raised close to a million dollars for his campaign for the US Congress since he announcement on January 29

Bobbi Jindal, a former assistant secretary in the Bush administration who is running from the 1st District in Louisiana, is rousing conservatives to elect him to save President George W. Bush's tax cut agenda in Washington. In the wake of the April 15 deadline for filing taxes, Jindal said American taxpayers had gained from President Bush's tax cuts.

Jindal warned that an average family would end up paying $2,090 more in taxes next year if the Democrats won the Nov 2 elections. I have always been a firm believer that you can spend your money better than the federal government can. That's one of the many reasons I want to go to Congress - to keep the liberals from raising our taxes and to make President Bush's tax cuts permanen.

Jindal said the amount raised so far "definitely places our campaign for Congress at a strong financial advantage, and it is quite likely that we raised more money in the first quarter than any other congressional challenger in the entire country!"

Jindal's victory appears easier and two polls show he has a majority of the support for his candidacy. (Read below)

"But I'm not taking anything for granted," said Jindal who lost the race for Louisiana governor last November by a small margin.

Independent Poll Shows Jindal Leading by Wide-Margin

Metairie, LA – An independent Southern Media & Opinion Research poll released yesterday indicates strong support for former Gubernatorial candidate Bobby Jindal in Louisiana’s First Congressional District. The poll showed Bobby leading his closest opponent by a 59% margin.

The results of the poll are:

Bobby Jindal: 65.8%

Steve Scalise: 06.2%

Tom Schedler: 04.0%

Undecided: 24.0%

“I am honored and encouraged by the results,” said Bobby Jindal. “This is an important race, and I am going to work hard to earn the support of every single voter.”

The poll also showed Bobby winning 59% of the Northshore vote, 71% of the Southshore vote, over 50% of the Democrat vote, and over 82% of the Republican vote.

The poll of Louisiana’s First Congressional District was commissioned by PoliticsLA.com and was conducted by Southern Media & Opinion Research. The poll sampled 400 registered voters and has a 5% margin of error