Top Mercedes-Benz award given to Indo-South African woman
(Aasiya Mohamed made 184 sales during 2003 to make it into the record books)


Johannesburg, July 9, 2004

For a saleswoman of South African Gujarati descent here, a commitment to client service paid dividends when she was named the top seller of Mercedes-Benz vehicles in the country.

Many people aspire to owning a Mercedes-Benz, one of the most elite (and expensive) brands of motor vehicles in South Africa.

Aasiya Mohamed made 184 sales during 2003 to make it into the record books. Her achievement was considered more significant because males dominate the field of motor vehicles sales in South Africa.

As her prize, Mohamed will be jetting to Stuttgart in Germany to see first hand how the cars she sells are made at the Mercedes-Benz plant there.

Mohamed started out as one of the first finance and insurance managers with Mercurius Motors in the town of Boksburg, east of here, a decade ago.

"A year after I started, the dealer principal offered me a job in Sales, where I've been since, enjoying selling vehicles," said Mohamed, who is married to schoolteacher Solly.

Her sales of 184 Mercedes vehicles in one year was the highest such figure in many years, according to colleagues of the modest woman with an infectious laugh.

When asked what the secret was to sell so many cars, Mohamed remarked in jest: "I can't give away that!

"But I think customer service is of utmost importance - going the extra mile. That gets you lots of repeat customers and referrals by satisfied customers."

Mohamed said the most popular model she had sold was the C180 Mercedes-Benz.