NRI, Kalpen Modi (Kal Penn) play leading man in Hollywood

Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle (2004) R


Sometimes, it takes a strange night to put everything into focus. That's what happens to Harold (John Cho), a Korean-American banker, and his roommate, Kumar (Kal Penn), an Indian-American med school student. Both men are at a crossroads in life, about to make major decisions that will affect the course of their future. They arrive at wisdom by accident as they drive around their New Jersey city to find the best stoner fix: White Castle burgers.

It is currently on the US Top 10 charts, having grossed $12.3 million. Kal plays the lead role along with John Cho.

"My latest release is similar to Dude, Where's My Car? in terms of genre," says Kal. "It's cool because it's got the teen comedy element. But it's also got a lot of intelligence." The movie shows both Harold and Kumar eating more than a dozen hamburgers each, which is ironic considering that in real life Penn is a vegetarian. The Gujarati-Indian actor simply refused to eat the non-veg burgers while shooting for this film. No other Indian actor has received such wide exposure in mainstream cinema as Penn since Sabu became a phenomenon in the 1940s with films like Elephant Boy

He played omic role in American Desi and brief appearances in popular TV serials like ER and Buffy

Starring: John Cho, Kal Penn ...
Director: Danny Leiner
Genre: Comedy

  • Date of birth -23 April 1977
  • Location: Montclair, New Jersey, USA
  • Trivia- Is a vegetarian.
  • Sometimes called as: Kalpen Modi

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