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Driver is Jailed After Winking for Selfie Before Killing Motorcyclist

Another selfie has ended in a tragic death but this time it was an innocent bystander rather than the picture-taker with the latter now facing imprisonment. 23-year-old Amber Potter from the U.K. admitted causing the death of David Sinar after she had taken a selfie of herself winking while behind the wheel of a car. She has been sentenced to three and a half years in jail...Read More

Photographer Injured in Alarming Incident at Monaco Grand Prix

A scary incident at yesterday’s Monaco Grand Prix had at least 10 photographers diving for safety as Red Bull’s Sergio Perez slammed into the barrier. One photographer was taken to the medical center after being hit by the debris but was declared okay. The race was red flagged as the barrier the group was standing behind needing repairing. The incident occurred on lap one of the race as the cars raced up the hill after navigating the first corner, Sainte Devote...Read More

Insurance Companies Employ Drones for Home Monitoring

The report claims that nearly every building in the U.S. is being photographed, often without the owner’s knowledge and no property is safe from surveillance. These companies are even deploying manned airplanes and high-altitude balloons to scope out customers’ houses — with the industry-funded Geospatial Insurance Consortium airplane imagery program covering 99% coverage of the entire U.S. population....Read More

Mystery Surrounds Internet Speculation: Real Person or AI-Generated?

On Monday, internet user @beckylitv posted a viral video on X (formerly known as Twitter) of a young woman giving a candid product pitch for a personal hygiene brand. “So let me get this straight,” the woman says while casually sitting in her car. “You guys are telling me that when you’re out of the house for hours, you’re comfortable walking around with all that stanky body that’s been building up on you all day?” The highly convincing woman then goes on to promote the hygiene brand  in an engaging and personal way in the video....Read More

Lunar Watch: China's Ambitious Venture to Implement Camera Surveillance System on the Moon

China has been known for its wide-reaching surveillance network, referred to as Skynet. “The construction and operation of the optical surveillance system for the (International) Lunar Research Station can draw on the successful experience…of China’s Skynet project,” the Lunar Exploration and Space Engineering Centre of the China National Space Administration (CNSA)...Read More

Diving Into Underwater Wildlife Photography with Kristi Odom

Nikon Ambassador and internationally acclaimed photographer and videographer Kristi Odom joined the PetaPixel Podcast this week to discuss underwater photography. Alongside joining us to talk shop, Odom also separately selected and explained her top three images of 2023, one of which is, perhaps not coincidentally, an underwater....Read More

Doorbell Camera Captures Giant Meteor Streaking Across Alaskan Sky

Captured around 05:45 local time on Thursday morning the meteor hit Earth’s atmosphere causing a bright light that momentarily lit up a large portion of Southcentral Alaska. The amazing footage was captured in the state’s largest city Anchorage, located in south-central Alaska. It was shared by the Reuters news agency......Read More


Nikon’s Latest Z9 Firmware Update Further Improves Autofocus

Nikon has announced a small firmware update 2.10 for the Z9 flagship camera which adds a high-frequency flicker reduction feature as well as further improves autofocus performance. The company says it intends to continue to update the camera with new firmware versions with various useful functions as part of its goal .. Read More

How to shoot amazing winter landscapes – Part 2: camera settings

With winter images, a common problem is that bright snowy areas often look grey. All that white fools your camera meter into underexposing scenes, so if you take greater creative control over your settings, you'll get a result that’s truer to the scene in front of you. In automatic shooting modes, you can add a stop of positive exposure compensation. In Manual mode, tweak the settings so the light meter is about one stop over the given reading. 

Dated Nov 11, 2020:

Reasons Why Video is Better Than Any Other Medium

“For the past 10 years, video has risen into popularity across the globe. Because video has become so prominent among the young population, creating videos of your own has never been easier. You see it all over the world- television, social media, text messages, billboards, online advertisements, and even restaurant menus,”  Said Gary Singh.

Photographer permanently blinded in one eye after covering Minneapolis protests

Over the past week, demonstrations protesting the murder of George Floyd have taken place in many major US cities – and have even inspired protests in international cities such as Paris, London and Athens. During the US protests there have been numerous reports of police brutality against protestors. However.....Read More




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