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  • Planning a vacation abroad can be difficult so its best to find a travel agent to guide you from start to finish. Even if you want to travel on business trip from one country to another, it is always wise and best to speak some professional travel Agent who is familar with transportation, lodging, costs and also able to guide you.
  • You choose to book your air tickets from travel agencies because they will make your trip smooth and save your time and money. Ask for a ticket that suits your travel budget, destination with different agencies. The best one will help you in organizing the trip with full description of your trip.
  • Travel agencies will provide you different packages, services so it depends on your route and provide the cheap flight tickets for you
  • If you want to choose a best agency for your trip then always approach to 3 to 4 good agencies which are famous and then measure all pros and cons and compare the package 
  • Travel agencies understand their customers need like their own family members.
  • According to our experience: In travel and tour industry business “Customer Satisfaction” should be 100% convenient
  • Our NRI Travelagancies.com will do all the tasks related to the trip, including flight bookings, Hotel bookings, and other tasks related to the trip.





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Meliá Hotels Begins Vaccination Of All Employees In Punta `

Meliá Hotels International has begun the vaccination of its 2,200 employees in Punta Cana. In coordination with the Department of Public Health, this is part of a larger strategy to prioritize the tourism industry in the Dominican Republic to make the country a safe destination to receive millions of visitors after the pandemic......Read More

Abu Dhabi To Reopen To Travelers On December 24

Following an announcement by the Abu Dhabi Emergency Crisis and Disasters Committee, effective December 24, 2020, entry restrictions into Abu Dhabi will be relaxed. International tourists, residents and travelers from selected destinations, flying with Etihad Airways, will be allowed to enter the emirate without the need..........Read More

Second wave of COVID-19 outbreak threatens European tourism recovery

A new surge in Covid-19 cases and the reintroduction of travel restrictions have halted European tourism recovery with international tourist arrivals to Europe down 68% halfway through the year relative to 2019. That is according to the European Travel Commission’s (ETC) latest quarterly report “European Tourism: .........Read More

Travel Advisors Highlight Companies Handling COVID-19 Pandemic the Best

As travel restrictions are lifted and more destinations are reopening to the public, travel advisors continue to work diligently for their clients. While some brands have dropped the ball, many companies within the industry have gone above and beyond for travel advisors when it mattered the most. The agents who....Read More



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