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Celebrate the 308th anniversary of Baisakhi/Vaisakhi

Los Angeles

More than 10,000 Sikh NRIs attended Baisakhi celebration in Los Angeles
Vaisakhi is one of the most important festivals in the Sikh calendar.


Los Angles, April 10, 2007
Sam Sidhu/Manjinder Sagoo

More than 10,000 NRI (non-resident Indians) sikhs from all over the Southern California State attended Baisakhi celebration in Los Angeles, marking the Punjabi new year and the start of the harvest season. The celebration took place Sunday, April 08, at the Los Angeles Convention Center from 7:30 p.m. till evening. Nagar Kirtan include devotional music and a colourful parade featuring 15 decorative floats through downtown Los Angeles.

Nagar Kirtan, meaning, ‘town and songs of praise’ describes the street processions which form an important part of the Vaisakhi celebrations. The holy book of the Sikhs, 'Granth Sahib' was taken in a procession, led by the 'Panj Pyaras' (five senior Sikhs) who are symbolic of the original leaders.

This is the single largest annual Punjabi event in Los Angles area that shows cases the Punjabi performing arts and promotes talent amongst the next generation of the local community. The generosity of the community can be seen with people giving free food along the streets, sharing, helping each other, singing and walking in the parade. Families get together wearing traditional clothes from far and wide. Businesses and other community organizations are commonly seen sharing and giving at their booths or on floats.

The Vaisakhi celebration in Los Angeles was organized with the coordiation of 17 Sikh organizations- mostly Gurdwaras of Southern California

Vaisakhi Day is of paramount importance for the Sikhs, as it was on this day Guru Gobind Singh - the Tenth Guru of the Sikhs sought to eliminate social discriminations with the establishment of the universal caste Khalsa Panth.

Baisakhi or Vaisakhi Festival is celebrated as the Sikh New Year and the founding of the Khalsa Panth. History of Baisakhi traces its origin from the Baisakhi Day celebrations of 1699 organized by the Tenth Sikh Guru, Guru Gobind Singh to form Khalsa - Brotherhood of Saint Soldiers to fight against tyranny and oppression.

Baisakhi is one of the most popular festivals celebrated in the vibrant state of Punjab to mark the harvest of Rabi crops. Baisakhi usually falls on April 13, and on April 14 once every thirty-six years. Baisakhi is one of the festivals where huge amount of cooking with authentic recipes and eating takes place.









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