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This week the world is reminded of a natural disaster the like of which the world had not witnessed in our life times. Our thoughts and prayers are with the surviving families of victims,national and spiritual leaders and especially those engaged in rebuilding hope and healing, and with all who have brought these unimagined events and concerns before the world and into our living rooms as we go about our personal pursuits, celebrations, and challenges. From such distances, we can hardly understand the full scope and magnitude of the 2004 Asian Tsunami disaster or the task ahead to bring back semblance of normalcy for the survivors and those who witnessed this tragedy up-close and in person. We salute the courage, emotional strength, resourcefulness, and professional commitment of those who continue to draw the world's attention to this extraordinary story and event in human history.

Our prayers are with the people and nations that were devastated by the 2004 Tsunami and are observing the first solemn Anniversay of a cataclysmic event. The images are etched in our memory and the victims must know the world has not forgotten. Thought that you may read the sentiments ("2004 Asian Tsunami - A Prayerful Reflection" - October 2005) and a piece for The Indianapolis Star, "Face of Global Compassion" written in January 2005) of one Sikh American thousands of mile away from your eyewitness experience of the day. We join others, here and everywhere, with our prayers and hopes for a better tomorrow and especially for those engaged in valiant effort at recovering from their deep scars and unimagined anguish. By sharing our thoughts and prayers with victims and their families, others, and cyberaudience, we hope that we provide some comfort and may inspire greater involvement in ideas and endeavors that concern us all as a human family and as a civilization.

The fact that times and technology has made it possible to connect with humanity's extended family in faraway places and distant cultures is in itself a miracle of our times. The resilience and courage of those who are struggling to move forward against incredible odds is a story of our times. The story of unimagined generosity from around the world is a symbol of "Faith at Work in Service of Others." Whether one believes in God or not, but surley the noblest instincts of humanity as revealed in sacred scripture of all faiths are at work before our eyes. What a wonderful testimony and triumph of the human spirit!

It is marvellous to witness this continuing "circle of love" and help expand; witness interdependence as the utimate "SEVA" and concern without frontiers; cooperation among culture faith community with the traditional divides and indifferences; and governments often caught in prides and dispairing dischords to come together and fully engage in rebuild human trust and provide hope and shelter to the countless millions, across countries and continents rimming the Indian ocean, that many we were meeting for the first time and whose lives were turned upside down on the fateful morning of December 26, 2004 by the massive waves of the earthquake-triggered Tsunami. May such cooperation continue to be the true legacy of our times.

With prayers and hopes for a new dawn for those who were caught in the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami and all other natural disasters of recent months.

Kanwal Prakash "KP" Singh
Indianapolis, Indiana USA

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