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From humble beginnings, Karol Josef Wojtyla of Wadowice, Poland rose to become one of the most influential world leaders in human history. As the 264th pope, John Paul II used his immense moral and spiritual authority, extensive writings, and personal charisma to connect with a billion Catholics, especially the youth, around the world. As a lasting legacy, he pursued reconciliation across long-standing cultural and spiritual divides within and outside the Church. He advocated multi-faith and multicultural understanding, tolerance, and solidarity to uplift the human condition of the disadvantaged, disenfranchised, and oppressed everywhere. With amazing courage and at great personal sacrifice, he challenged the faithful and powerful during his long papacy and extensive travels to transform their faith, energy, and institutions for the service of mankind.

With his passing, a rare light has gone out. A great humanitarian, voice of conscience, and fearless champion for basic freedoms, rights, and human dignity has departed from the world stage. His wisdom and friendly spirit that brought unimagined joy to many at a critical time in history will be greatly missed.

The beloved teacher having righteously labored, radiating God's universal Love, and inspiring many across the diverse cultural and spiritual spectrums, has triumphantly crossed the threshold into life eternal. May his passage be paved with prayers and the Lord's Light on his journey "Home."

Kanwal Prakash "KP" Singh
Indianapolis, Indiana USA


Thank you Holy Father, for inspiring us and urging us all to collectively usher a new "Renaissance of Spirit" where Light, not Darkness; basic freedoms, human and sacred rights and not denials, deprivations, and inequalities; and hope and healing and ending of all suffering guide our labors and prayers.

Thank you for reminding us to recognize and celebrate our shared humanity as One God's children and to strive to make the dream of a world-at-peace a possible reality.

Thank you Lord, for sharing with us this enlightened messenger, John Paul, who dared us towards a higher calling and reminded us the true mandate of living our faith is extending love and dignity to all God's children.

Now John Paul returns Home with unmatched offerings of accomplishments and service to mankind. May his soul rest in peace.

Here are some thoughts that crowd my spirit as I share my emotions
and reflection about the magnificent Pope John Paul II:

As I reflect on the passing of His Holiness, the beloved Pope John Paul II, my heart is full with sadness and also immense gratitude for his life and legacy. He was a great messenger of hope and healing at a troubled time In human history. Yet he exuded boundless joy to all, within and outside the Catholic Church of which he was a shepard and moral leader.

As a follower of Sikh faith, I admired Holy Father's efforts to reach out to other faith traditions. He reminded and inspired us all to widen the "Circle of Light and Love" that may embrace all God's Children. I find echoes of Sikh spirituality in John Paul's universal moral teachings, especially in his message of love, inclusion, compassion, and preservation
of human dignity, justice and equal rights, and assurance of basic freedoms of people everywhere. He pursuaded the faithful and powerful to this humanitarian and moral universal cause.

His personally leading three interfaith peace pilgrimages to the medieval hill town of Assissi and affirming and recognizing sanctity of all faiths and diverse cultural traditions resonated with people in many lands. Throughout his extensive
travels, his amazing courage, spiritual exuberance, and symbolic acts reflected that humanitarian spirit. The message and challenge of John Paul on its own momentum continues to widened the Circle of Light and Love in many lands and
cultures. He reminded us as the true mandate of living our faith. He challenged the mighty to responsible governance that safeguards human freedoms and improve human conditions.John Paul was, and will remain, a spritual teacher and moral force for the ages. We celebrate this rare soul who now joins all the righteous warriors, noble saints, and all the wisdom of Ages in the Court of the Lord. His light and legacy will guide generations to come who may not believe that the like of him walked the earth and enjoyed the affection of billions at a time of so much global conflict and challenge.
Thank you John Paul for touching us with your magnificient spirit.

Pope John Paul belongs to all mankind and we all mourn his passing and feel diminished by his absence this day. He offers us a living testimony that how one man can one blessed soulcan change the course of human history and the texture of the human universe.
He lives in our hearts and mind and his awesome legacy. His life and spirit, and incredible achievemnets will contiue to inspire humanity through the times and events yet to come.

With prayers and blessings,

Kanwal Prakash "KP" Singh
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
April 04, 2005



His Holiness John Paul II has not only been the head of the Roman Catholic Church as its Pope, but has been a spiritual Light for people of all faiths. He has been a voice of conscience and a tireless fighter for human dignity and freedoms for the suffering and struggling people around the world. More than any Pope in recent centuries, His Holiness has been a bridge-builder and has encouraged and participated in interfaith dialogues among people of diverse faiths.

Among his followers, His Holiness has been the most visible leader to occupy the spiritual throne of St. Peter. For the rest of the spiritual world, His Holiness is a powerful symbol, personal example, and a great inspiration as he reminds us that faith must serve to uplift human spirit as well as human condition. Honoring the civic and sacred rights, recognizing as the Sikh faith commands that “every living being is a repository of Divine Ligh,” and assuring the divinely-blessed dignity of each living being is the key to universal peace and fulfilling the letter and spirit of faith. He has been an exemplary teacher and perhaps one of the most influential living being on this Earth at this time.

We join millions of people of every faith and culture and religious tradition whose lives have been touched by this Good Shepard of the Lord, and in the spiritual sense as a Holy Father to all mankind, for his speedy recovery. We pray to God Almighty that He restore our beloved John Paul II to full health and may he continue to guide mankind in the matters of the true meaning and spirit of faith. The Holy Father, with incredible courage and at great personal sacrifice, has lived, demonstrated, and nurtured the universally-revealed foundation of Faith as Love for all living beings. This is our time to pray and ask for God’s Love and healing touch for him as he has done for all of us over the past 84 years.

Indianapolis. Feb. 25, 2005
Kanwal Prakash "KP" Singh
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

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