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Kanwal Prakash "KP" Singh
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

The communication technology, aerial imagery, and internet have brought before the world the magnitude of the tsunami disaster. It numbs the human mind and senses to see that the mighty tidal waves have ravaged the landscape and indiscriminately swallowed towns, villages, temples and churches and caused incredible loss of life in a catastrophic arc of destruction that stretched across time zones and continents.

The dead, injured, and missing represent 40 countries, many faiths and cultures. Behind the terror-filled eyes of each orphan child or grief-stricken adult are shattered lives and dreams and deep sadness etched forever on his/her soul. Amidst this incomprehensible tragedy, there are occasional miracles, unprecedented lifelines of hope, and the true face of compassion.

Nations from around the globe are responding to this unimagined cataclysmic event with generosity and compassion of epic proportions - rushing aid, supplies, and reassurances to assist the living. Millions of large and small efforts to raise funds for tsunami relief are reaffirming that as One God's children we share the victim's anguish and grief. Americans are not seeing the affected countries as Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, or Christian nations or cultures. We are seeing our own face mirrored across the world media screens and are wise enough to recognize that this is another corner of our common global village and extended human family. (7)

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