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Kanwal Prakash "KP" Singh
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

We are speechless as we mark the solemn 60th Anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz in Poland and other concentration camps from the soul-numbing, unimaginable horror of Nazi Holocaust in which ten million, including six million innocent Jews, perished. Hopes and prayers of "Never Again" remain unrealized. Acts of inhumanity, genocide, regional conflicts continue. One has to wonder: Have we learned the right lessons out of the sacred ashes of Auschwitz and countess other tragedies throughout human history?

There is room on this fragile planet for diverse and distinct cultures and people and a better chance of survival through peaceful co-existence. Our differences need not be a license for cultural hostility and trampling the sacred space and rights of others but an opportunity to learn about our common strengths, struggles, and humanity.

History offers us warnings and lessons: intense darkness and promising new beginnings. Today, we have the power to make a clear distinction. Nations united to end the continued human anguish need a collective will to see that justice and dignity triumph. Nations need to engage in advancing universal freedoms: from hatred, want, ignorance, fear, and violence against fellow human beings. This would be an affirming testimony of our better nature and a lasting memorial and tribute to victims of Holocaust. (6)


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