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The Fabulous Exhibit Features Over 20 Faith And Spiritual Traditions Including The Sikh Faith

Los Angeles, Sep 15, 2023 KP Singh/ Ramesh/ A.Gary Singh

A spectacular "Sacred Places" Exhibit recently opened in Indianapolis at the world's finest Children's Museum with a beautiful Reception attended by over three hundred invited guests, faith leaders, and friends representing
my cultures, nationalities, and faith traditions. I was an honor for me to serve on the Sacred Places Exhibit Advisory and Planning Committee.

Here are a few highlights from the Opening Reception:
The Exhibit was prepared under the leadership of Museum President
and CEO, Jennifer Robinson - Museum President; VP Monica Ramsey and VP Amy Kwas; by a brilliant Team headed by Chris G. Carron and many other talented and dedicated staff members.
The "Sacred Places" Exhibit that features over 20 major and significant faiths and sacred traditions was funded by Lilly Endowment and other visionary philanthropists and friends.

The Experience connects and introduces the world-famous sacred places with the sacred places of different faiths in central Indiana. This Exhibit is for everyone - children, families, and all who wish to witness, participate, and learn about the practice of colorful and distinguished spiritual traditions right here at home in Indiana; and developing appreciation and respect for the diverse cultures and communities that share our beautiful Nation and this Planet Earth.
Besides the fascinating corridors that take us through a spectrum of rich and iconic, informative and illuminating displays, and some with interactive features,
to an amazing masterpiece domed sacred space where one can immerse and reflect for a while surrounded by the featured mesmerizing 360-videos - of Easter Islands dancers in the shadow of giant statues; Monks chanting in a Buddhist Temple
in Thailand; insightful window into Sikh worship at the largest and oldest Sikh congregation Gurdwara in Indiana; and others. The Sikh faith display features a large photograph of the Golden Temple at Amritsar, a model, and some items used
for Langar and washing sacred compounds of the Sikh Gurdwaras.

The leaders at the Children's Museum are also planning special programs that highlight different traditions and practices with live performances. The first day of the Public Opening of the Exhibit featured a favorite Drum Circle and the enchanting
Sikh Ragis (religious singers) presented the Sacred Music and Hymns that celebrated the unifying themes of our shared humanity and our divinely-inspired Onenessas a human family.
The Sacred places Exhibit can be enjoyed through April 20,2024 at the Children's Museum before traveling to other sites across the USA.

There was a fellowship dinner where we met and visited with people of different spiritual backgrounds and Blessings provided by leaders of several traditions -Christian, Moslem, Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Zoroastrian, and others. KP Singh offered a very interfaith Blessing and ended his reflection with: "The Sacred Spaces and Sacred Places Exhibit is an enlightened vision; A beautiful introduction to our rich and illuminating cultural inheritance; Thoughtful shared ideas for our generations to gather and advance ideas that mirror our humanity, reflect our collective spiritual and cultural tapestry. The vision and presentation help: To create greater understanding, appreciation for a cherished facet of diversity. By putting our common prayers, inspirations, and energies to work and in service, enrich our lives and culture, our mind and spirit, and uplift our Indiana Home.

What better place than a Children's Museum to brighten our world than at a beloved and dedicated Learning Center for all ages.
Enjoy some photo images that give us a fleeting glimpse of what needs to seen in person to fully appreciate their beauty as an amazing tapestry of humanity's sacred inheritance; colorful practices and common lessons that enrich our understanding and connect us in significant and profound ways.

Kanwal Prakash KP Singh (KP Singh Designs) - Indianapolis, Indiana USA - September 6 -7, 2023.
(with Jennifer Robinson, Monica Ramsey, Chris G. Carron, Maninder Singh, Harpreet Sandhu,
Chirjeev Kaur Oberoii, Anita Hjorth Lerche, Kirn Lall, Raju Chinathla)