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Prayerful Reflection: Kanwal Prakash “KP” Singh, A.Gary Singh
Indianapolis, Indiana USA, September 13, 2019

The Sikh Satsang of Indianapolis, Inc. is organizing a Raag Kirtan Darbar (September 27-29) at the Sikh Satsang Gurdwara located at 10950 Southeastern Avenue in Indianapolis at the Sikh Satsang Gurdwara (a Sikh place of worship). Several prominent and acclaimed classical Raag masters and musicians (Raagis), and some belonging to honored Sikh musicians dynasties going back to the times of Sikh Gurus, will enthrall the gathering with their amazing skills and mastery of the Raags enshrined in Guru Granth Sahib, The Sikh Holy Scriptures. 


The Raag Masters making presentations at the Indy Raag Kirtan Darbar include:
. Bhai Sarbjit Singh Laadi - Raagi Sri Darbar Sahib, Amritsar
. Bhai Anantvir Singh Ji, LA - Trianed in Gurmat Sangeet and Indian classical music
. Bhai Karamjit Singh Ji - Trained under other celebrated Sikh Raagis
. Ustad Raghbir Singh Ji, New Jersey – Highly trained and skilled Tabla artist and teacher
. Prof. Ranjit Singh Ji – Bhai Mardana Academy, La; Gurmat Sangeet and Tabla artist

The Hoosier Sikh community Raag Kirtan Darbar is among the countless worldwide commemorations: imaginative educational, environmental, and service initiatives; programs and celebrations related to his life and message are taking place to mark the historic 550th Birthday of the Founder and First Sikh Guru, Nanak Dev Jee (1469-1539). Please refer to the attached Poster for details of the times when these outstanding musicians will be performing Kirtan and their fabulous renditions of Sikh Shabads (sacred hymns) in the Raags (musical styles, measures, and spirit) as designated in Guru Granth Sahib.


Guru Nanak Dev Ji is venerated as a brilliant Spiritual Light and enlightened Teacher by millions of Sikhs and followers of other faiths, brought the message of oneness of God; unity, equality, and dignity of all human beings; sanctity of all faiths; and service of all humanity. Guru Nanak in his travels for 26 years carried that message to faraway places in Asia, Middle East, Far East, and throughout India.

An estimated 5,000 Hoosier Sikh families American community have been engaged to honor that message for the past half a century and have been a vibrant presence in Indiana. Today the Sikh religion, the largest faith with an estimated 35 million followers worldwide and nearly one million Sikhs in the U.S. Ove 2,500 Sikh families live, work, and make the Indianapolis Metropolitan area home. In Indiana, the Hoosier Sikhs are engaged in many professions and service industry areas that include 30% of all trucking and 50% of all Gas Stations-Food Marts, adding greatly to the Indiana economy and critical services. Hoosier Sikhs are generously contributing to worthy causes, disaster relief efforts, and engaged in special community projects and interfaith initiatives.

The Sikh Gurdwara
10950 Southeastern Avenue, Indianapolis, Indiana USA 46239