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Prayerful Reflection: Kanwal Prakash “KP” Singh

Prayerful Reflection: Kanwal Prakash “KP” Singh, A.Gary Singh
Indianapolis, Indiana USA, April 8, 2019

Religious leaders and faith representatives from eight religious communities - Razi Nalim (Muslim), KP Singh (Sikh), Rabbi Bret Kerchiver (Jewish), Rishi Zeveri (Jain), Imam Michael Sahir (Muslim), Rev. Bruce Garrison (Christian), Suvarna Chhajed Vinze (Hindu) gathered for a solemn reflection at the Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral in Indianapolis to mourn the murder of over 250 people by ISIS suicide bombers when they attacked worshipers in Churches, gathered for Easter Sunday, and guests staying in luxury hotels in Sri Lanka. The collective grief and solidarity echoed thoughtful sentiments over the grave tragedy. The ceremony ended with a joint prayer by Father Rick Ginther, Rabbi Brett Krichiver, and Imam Ahmed Alamine followed with the singing of "Let There Be Peace On Earth," the celebrated song by Sy Miller and Jill Jackson, 1955.

Here is the Sikh Prayer and Reflection offered at the Solidarity Vigil by KP Singh:

One Supreme Creator, made known to us by the Grace of the Guru (Enlightened Teacher, Divine Messenger.”
Our places of worship are sacred spaces where we connect with the Divine in time-honored traditional ways and ceremonies. They are our sacred and shared Spiritual Islands of Peace and Prayer. An act of violence against innocent people is a crime against humanity; an assault against the sacred faith commandments about the sanctity of all life. The Sikh Scriptures proclaim, and other sacred texts offer similar ideas, that "...God is the Father and Mother of all living beings, and we are His Children" … “I see no one is outside the Circle of His Grace and Unbound Benevolence.” Our Faith and Worship are sacred rights and we stand in solidarity to defend it.

Kanwal Prakash “KP” Singh  

What happened on Easter morning in several Christian Churches in Sri Lanka and recently in Mosques in New Zealand; and earlier at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburg, the Sikh Gurdwara in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, and other sacred places resulting in a lot of loss of life and many more injured were barbaric acts to hurt and terrorize these faith communities. We must see these as grievous assaults on all of us. We should recognize these as a mortal wound to the norms of civilization and be incensed by these attacks as barbaric outrages against humanity and to the faith that the terrorists and perpetrators pretend to profess.

We mourn the innocent victims. Families and children gathered simply to pray on one of the holiest days on the world religious calendar. We offer our condolences to the people of Sri Lanka and to the families who lost loved ones in this attack of unconscionable madness and terrorizing cruelty.

As we pray for the families, community of faiths, and our world, we must resolve to take urgent steps to end this morally reprehensible nightmare as One People United in Peace, Brotherhood, and Mutual Respect. We must honor our Interfaith Solidarity and a Solemn Commitment to safeguard the sanctity of our Sacred Places and Institutions. With God's Grace: Together Walk in Faith and Light; Understanding and Compassion. We petition before the Highest Spirit to take us forward to more hopeful Crossroads of Common Humanity, at-Work and in-Service to advance our Shared Values and Prayers.
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Quotes from Siri Guru Ganth Sahib (The Sikh Holy Scriptures):
“…Tum Maat Pita Hum Barruk Tayray: You are Our Father and Mother, we are Your children.”
“… Monus Kee Jaat Subhaye Aikay He Pehchanbo: Recognize, All humanity as One Race.”
“Subhh Mayn Jot Jot Hai Soyae, Tis They Chanunn Subh Mein Chanunn Hoaye: It is the same Divine Light reposited in each Living Being; It is God’s Light that gives Light to All.
“… Subbhay Sanjheewaal Suddieun, Koyee Na Dissay Bahhira Jeeo: Everyone is recognized a part of God’ Family; I see no one is outside the Circle of His Grace and Unbound Benevolence.”
~ Kanwal Prakash KP Singh -April 25, 2019 - Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral, Indianapolis, Indiana USA