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Indianapolis, Indiana USA
May 08, 2011
Kanwal Prakash (KP) Singh

Much has been said, written, and analyzed about the recent death of Osama bin Laden since May 1 in the world media.

Shakespeare reminded us a few centuries earlier that, the evil thatmen do lives long after they are gone. The horrific anguish, pain, andsuffering caused on many continents and to many communities byOsama bin Laden and his al-Qaeda followers is likely to be with uslong past the death of bin Laden.

His death was a righteous act and an unbelievably courageousexecution of a very dangerous mission by the U.S. Navy Seals thatmade it possible to end the reign of terror of Osama bin Laden, theleader of this gang of mad zealots who often targeted the innocentsin his campaign to spread global mayhem. The al-Queda ideologyand campaign, driven primarily by their hatred of those who do notconform to their ways and evil designs, has been a growing menaceand threat to human civilization.

Even with the death of Osama bin Laden, our fight against terrorismwill not be over any time soon until the nations in their ignorance orhatred for the power and influence of the West stop providingsafe sanctuary or sympathetic and logistical support to this "army"of murderers who in the name of Islam have already killed thousandsaround the world and caused untold suffering and disruption at manylevels to the world order and particularly to millions of Muslims byunfortunate association.

Sikh Americans and Sikhs around the world, with their own greattradition and history of uprooting evil and standing up and deliveringjustice, are especially grateful to the American resolve to end thistyranny and hunt down Osama bin Laden and the al-Queda leaders.Innocent Sikhs have been killed and harassed since 9/11becausetheir faith-mandated Sikh turbans were often associated with theturban that the al-Qaeda leader, his followers, and many Taliban inAfghanistan wear. Sikhs are not Arabs, certainly not al-Qaeda,Taliban, or Muslims. Yet, this iconic image of bin Ladin unfairlyconfused many about Sikhs with this gang of terrorists.

The world proudly acknowledges, with deep gratitude, the legendarybravery and successful operation of the U.S. Navy Seals to strike atthe heart and soul of this mastermind of terror against America andthe world. Unchecked, this evil will continue to spread and spare noone; it will continue to end many more dreams and terrorize humanity.Sincere and urgent cooperation is needed from those knowingly orunknowingly are harboring, sympathizing, or supporting this evil-menaceto mankind. Nations of the world that are still on the sidelines need tounite with those who are already leading the fight against terrorism andhelp end this long nightmare so that the world may once again focus onthe well-being of all nations, cultures, and communities.

We join all Americans with our prayers for the families of the 9/11victims and with the young men and women in the U.S. Armed Forceswho are making incredible sacrifices for the peace and freedom ofour world.





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