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Crispus Attucks Medical Magnet High School, Indianapolis

Indianapolis, Indiana USA, January 24, 2010
Kanwal Prakash Singh

It is a great honor for me to participate in the ceremonies honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., a civil rights leader and martyr, spiritual teacher, a venerated American icon and voice of conscience for all humanity.  Today, his legacy guides our spirit from beyond the stars.

The life and exemplary testimony of Dr. King finds repeated affirmations and resonance in the Sikh scriptures, faith Commandments, and history and legends:

“O’ Mortal, Recognize all humanity as One Race, One Brotherhood.”

“All Life has originated from the same Source of Light;

Then where is the moral cause to discriminate,

Call some good, and others not worthy.” 

Dr. King so eloquently advocated and tirelessly advanced this humanitarian vision: “All Men are created equal.” He preached and practiced: no one is outside the all-embracing Circle of God’s Love and unbound Benevolence. As the Children of One God, no one should be denied equality, justice, fair opportunity, and human dignity.  Loving and respecting one another, especially with rich diversity of faiths and cultures in our midst, is the highest form of non-violence and among the most fundamental keys to peace at home and in the human universe.

Dr. King’s legacy is now our legacy.  We need to nurture this legacy, keep the momentum of his message alive, advance his dream for America and the world, and make his mandate, our own.

There are formidable challenges in the way at this moment.  Human struggle against fear, violence, hatred, poverty, and the assaults on sacred rights, freedoms, crimes against humanity, and incredible sufferings are still with us.  Dr. King showed and dared us to cross those thresholds where we have not been before to advance the sacred rights of Life, Liberty, Equality, Justice, Human Dignity, and Peace, of not just a privileged few but every American.  He advocated doing this with a sense of moral accountability and personal responsibility, taking pride in our shared humanity and our compassionate response to those in need and suffering.  Dr. King asked us to embrace non-violence as the means to serving this humanitarian mandate.

 Great men like Rev. Dr. King come once in generations and their message and moral courage reverberates through the ages. The power of their ideas and visions, transforms nations; their righteous defiance sets the course of human history. They bear witness to God among us, carry incredible burdens, and make the ultimate sacrifices; fight for causes that uplift millions and generations. They are heroes, giants among the ordinary, a light in the darkness in our worlds.

Going forward, we must walk in their light, follow in their footsteps and leave our own humble imprints, not in the sand but on the unfinished dreams of a safer and more hopeful world. That must be our personal and collective commitment and a fitting tribute to Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King.  God bless each of you who serve, engage in righteous labor, share your blessings and inspire others; and celebrate Life, expanding hope and healing for many of God’s Children.